Yalantis IoT online event 'IoT challenges and modern solutions: Comprehensive look at IoT testing and Rust for IoT development.' Learn the latest trends in IoT testing and the perspective of Rust for IoT from the industry experts.

Yalantis online event. IoT challenges and modern solutions: Comprehensive look at IoT testing and Rust for IoT development


About the event

When: February 27th, 2024

What time: 18:00 CET

Where: Online

Yalantis is hosting its first online event of 2024, dedicated to one of the most popular topics in the IoT and Rust communities. Our experts will discuss approaches and challenges in testing IoT-based solutions, along with exploring the future of Rust in the IoT industry.

This event is tailored for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, CPOs, CHOs, Heads of R&D Departments, Directors and VPs of Engineering, VPs of Product, Tech Leads, Product Managers and Directors, and Hardware Department Leads who play a key role in:

  • IoT startups
  • established business
  • IoT devices manufacturers

Our speakers will:

  • Discuss types of testing for IoT solutions, the approaches involved, and the difficulties that arise when testing systems with integrated IoT solutions
  • Outline what to pay attention to when building a testing strategy, along with one of the approaches to solving the problems of testing IoT solutions
  • Disclose the role of the Rust Programming Language currently and in the future
  • Describe the advantages Rust holds over C/C++ for IoT devices and the benefits it can bring to businesses in the IoT industry
  • Provide an example of a solution with Rust and an IoT device using new libraries from the Rust community
  • Explain how to build prototypes for businesses without any hardware in the first stage



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