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Do you have all your important numbers collected? The number of downloads, the amount of money they brought you, even the most recent opinions on your app. All these numbers can be measured with the help of mobile analytics. So what are the best mobile analytics tools you can use to track the data about how life is treating your app?

Track the right keys

All proper metrics are selected and systematized in accordance to user behavior. Let’s share some basic metrcis for mobile apps here:

  • acquisition — refers to channels your users came from;
  • activation — refers to initial experience with your app;
  • retention — refers to the number of people who opened your app repeatedly after downloading it:
  • referral — refers to those who shared their positive app experiences with friends, family and everyone else by posting a link to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks;
  • revenue — refers to a monetary expression of the user behavior.

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When you start measuring your data, make sure you do not miss anything important.

Relevant data will provide you with ideas on how to enhance and further develop your application as well as boost loyalty to it. When you get the sense of these metrics, you will come up with new insights on what needs to be done in order to convert other customers into active app users.

What is more, before your app appears in the app store, it’s highly advisable to get beta testers. This way you will be able to receive your first feedbacks.

So, let’s make some mobile application analytics comparison and see which tools are the most valuable and which mobile analytics platforms you might want to use.

What tools you can use for analytics?

Google Mobile App Analytics


Platforms: iOS, Android

  • one of the best mobile analytics tools;
  • lots of features you need;
  • easy to learn for experienced GA users;
  • integration with Google Play for conversion tracking;
  • promising in the future, now pretty new.

Gives you the following reports organized in four categories:

Acquisitionsfind out about your new users. You can track where your users are coming from and how many sessions they’ve enjoyed or in-app revenue they’ve generated;
Usersyou can get info about new as well as returning users, their country/language, the app version, etc.;
Engagement: you can use event tracking like you do on your website, get reports on speed, crashes, and exceptions.
Outcomesyou can set up your goal, track the conversion of your objectives and see the goal flow (Google’s equivalent to the funnel/user path).

Once it's out of beta testing stage it will be one of the best sources of mobile analytics.

Google Analytics

Flurry Analytics


Platforms: iOs, Android, Java ME, Windows Phone, Blackberry

+ extensive and detailed;
+ user paths and funnels;
+ create up to 10 custom dashboards or use the «classic» one;

— confusing, lots of a click to find the info;
— hard to identify errors.

Flurry Analytics is great for monitoring various types of statistics.

What you can find or add in these analytics dashboards:

Usage: active users, sessions, session lengths, frequency, retention etc.;
Audience: interest of users (your other apps + category), personas (type of your users — defined by Flurry), demographic;
Events: define events, see user paths, create funnels;
Technical: devices, carriers, firmware versions, error;
Filter via segments (age, the first session, usage, country, etc), app versions and dates.

Flurry mobile analytics tools

Apsalar — ApScience


Platforms: iOS, Android

+ complete;
+ gives analytics across multiple apps;
+ real time cohorts, measures engagement of users across time;
+ customizable dashboard, gives you the data you want now and first;
+ create funnels;
+ create events;
+ segment users based on events, funnels, cohorts;
+ has a free tool to measure performance and return on investment/lifetime value of acquisition campaigns;
+ has a free tool that allows developers to target specific users when advertising;

— the last «+» is still in private beta.

Apsalar seems to be on the way ti become one of the most popular sources of data thatprovide you with the access to your mobile app metrics.
Apsalar mobile analytics tools


Free if self-hosted (open source)

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

+ unique positioning;
+ great user interface;
+ stunning design;
+ real time;
+ open source, you can host it on your own server, cloud version is coming soon — allows to track and monitor your mobile app analytics in a hosted environment;
+ dashboard easy to use;
+ track events and use segmentation;
+ track sets of events (funnels) that you define from the app;

— segment from within the app (but that’s for performance reasons);
— if you want to segment (country, app version, platform), think about it in your app code.

For each app, you can get info on:

Users and Users Loyalty;
Sessions and Session Frequency;
Devices and App Versions;
Carriers and Platforms.

Countly mobile app analytics tool



Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5

+ help bubbles for newcomers;
+ once your apps are added — get an overview of each one with the number of sessions or users;
+ easy to use;
+ compare your apps in criterias (new/returning, sessions, users, etc.) with premium/enterprise versions;
+ build your own queries to get a CSV file with premium/enterprise versions;
+ unlimited apps in the free version;
+ interesting case studies in their blog;
+ has a tool for premium/enterprise versions that let you send in-app messages using advanced segmentation: you can target only users that do specific actions;

— no funnels/sessions length/filters in free version.

In the free version of Localytics, you can get the following analytics info for each app:

App usage and reports (by location, device, carrier, app version, unique users);
Users and sessions (time periods and new/returning);
Day-Part Analysis (time of the day when your users are most active);
Events and attributes;
Annotations (leaving notes on graphs).

Localytics mobile app analytics tool



Stores: iOS, Android

+ event based;
+ easy to create funnels;
+ nice user interface;
+ allows in-depth analysis;
+ can tie web to mobile;
+ «Activity Feed» lets you see a timeline of every action a user (when identified by a profile) takes in your app from day one;

— limited data points in the free version.

Mixpanel is an event-based mobile analytics tools: account creation, sharing, upgrade, purchase, etc. You have to define events and event properties for your app.

That’s what you can do:

Track these events separately or create series of events (funnels);
Use cohort analysis to see precisely how often users come back and get engaged with your application;
Build complex queries based on events and demographics;
Tie mobile to web and vice versa;
If you have users’ info.

In the free version, there is a limitation to 25,000 data points / month. A data point is counted every time you track an event with Mixpanel. For example, if you have wallpapers app and if you track the pictures a user picks out, that could be 2,500 users choosing 10 pictures each.

Mixpanel moblie analytics tool



Platform: iOS, Android

+ provides both mobile app analytics and a review/polls system — a unique concept;
+ analytics part gives data on usage, devices, versions and demographic;
+ create custom events to get basic info on how people used your app;
+ allows to ask specific segments of users (based on various criterias, like how they use your app, version, country) to rate your app or to send them a survey/poll;

— basic analytics;
— no funnel;
— less complete than others.

I hope these popular mobile analytics tools will help you measure key mobile app metrics and receive all data you need to enhance your app's performance and expand your audience.

Improve your app by tracking the data!

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