You will learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of visual programming

Are visual programming languages good for software development?

  • Viktor Osadchii

    Marketing manager at Yalantis


Visual programming is a method of software development that allows programmers to create software applications by manipulating graphical elements rather than writing code. With visual programming, users can create complex programs without having to learn programming languages or writing complex code. This approach to software development is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a more intuitive and accessible way to create software. In our video, we talk about visual programming languages basics, theory, and future, implementation, and pitfalls.

Visual programming is a powerful tool for creating software applications. Its fast development cycle and visual representation of logic make it an attractive choice for businesses. However, visual programming has its limitations, and you should be aware of these limitations in terms of scaling and functionality capabilities before deciding to use it for your solution.

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