Optimize and automate complex and time-consuming operational processes with well-tested and time-proven solutions by Yalantis.

Official announcement: Yalantis opens a marketplace for digital solutions and products


Yalantis has launched its own line of ready-to-use products that have been proven efficient in a diversity of operations including managing delivery teams, facilitating development processes, and serving as a foundation for complex IoT product delivery. All of these products will be available in the Solution Hub section of our website.

Why launch a Solution Hub? 

As a long-term player in the outsourcing software development industry, we considered the pain points and technological priorities our clients faced with their product delivery throughout more than a decade. Our objective was to identify which problems remained relevant despite changing market circumstances.


“As the Chief Technology Officer, I am delighted to unveil the Yalantis Solution Hub, a transformative initiative designed to empower businesses with a robust strategy for exponential growth. This initiative is rooted in our commitment to deliver unparalleled business value to our clients.”

— Denis Doronin, Chief Technology Officer at Yalantis 

Tailoring solution adaptability and flexibility across diverse industries

All of our products and solutions can be tailored to your specific needs and branded according to your corporate style. Their architecture allows for a streamlined and quick integration with various third-party services necessary for your daily operations, such as Jira, Confluence, and more. 

To expedite the adoption of any solution, our technical team is available to deploy, configure, and develop these solutions into your comprehensive end-to-end business product. Additionally, we can organize workshops for your internal teams to ensure seamless integration and effective utilization of the solutions.

Key solutions in our pilot release

The first release includes the following solutions:

  • Yalantis IoT Accelerator: A domain-agnostic and easily scalable data management platform with a set of customizable features focused on receiving, sending, processing and analyzing real-time IoT data on energy consumption.
  • Yalantis Predictive ML Model: A customizable and easily integrated model for real-time IoT data processing and analysis that works based on machine learning algorithms.
  • Yalantis Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): An ERP system providing opportunities for accurate and convenient financial management and reporting, streamlined human resources allocation, and efficient project management.
  • Yalantis Competency Evaluation Platform (CEP): An internal system for evaluating employees’ performance and competency levels throughout their cooperation with the company.
  • Yalantis Payments: A corporate platform for the comprehensive management of employees’ compensation.
  • Ya.me: A custom HRM system with flexible roles and permission flow that can allow employees to easily monitor their available leaves and get a transparent overview of the company’s structure. 

All of these products are distributed under the Yalantis license, and, if needed, you can get a comprehensive consultation from our support team or technical specialists. 

However, the work isn’t finished yet. In the near future, there will be even more updates within the Solution Hub, and you’ll find that instrument you’ve been lacking in your business processes. Stay tuned!

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