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Banking software development

  • Reduce operating costs with financial process automation and optimization solutions

  • Secure your business and customers with a compliant fraud and risk prevention system

  • Discover bottlenecks and create a conversion-optimized UX with advanced analytics

  • Expand your business with a scalable and stable banking product

What is the Yalantis Banking Accelerator and how does it streamline bank software development?

The Yalantis Banking Accelerator is a software development kit (SDK) that pulls together Yalantis’ extensive experience in FinTech solution development, business analysis, UI/UX design, financial integration, and security best practices.

Initially, Yalantis designed this SDK to speed up software development and ensure smooth performance and relentless scalability. Based on our experience building numerous FinTech products, we worked through the business and technological challenges that financial institutions often face when entering the market with a new solution.

With the Yalantis Banking Accelerator, the time required for banking software development is often cut in half thanks to:

  • The SDK’s modular architecture that enables flexibility in developing functionality

  • A pluggable integration level that allows rapid API-based integration without interference with the BaaS provider’s back end

  • A UI component library that speeds up development of end-user-facing functionality

  • Administrative tools for configuring the UX and feature set

  • Streamlined CI/CD pipelines for frequent and stable releases

The SDK allows developers to streamline one of the most resource-intensive processes in terms of building FinTech solutions — integration with third-party services.

Simplified integrations with third-party services

Why is it impossible to imagine banking software development without integrating with third-party services? Such services allow for:

  • Providing core functionality and banking operations that are critical for the solution’s existence

  • Augmenting the solution with innovative functionality to win the competition

  • Ensuring automation of internal and customer-oriented operating processes

  • Allowing for advanced analytics and business intelligence

  • Following market trends and satisfying customer needs

  • Attracting more customers and revenue

Time and significant effort are required for implementing integrations, setting up the right data management processes, and testing each process that communicates with a third-party service. With the Yalantis Banking Accelerator, our development teams will be able to:

  • conduct a smooth and seamless integration with third-party providers via APIs

  • leave third-party providers’ back ends untouched, as the integration process will be carried out through the Yalantis pluggable integration layer

  • optimize data management processes and conduct comprehensive solution performance testing

  • enrich your user experience with prominent functionality, meet your customers’ needs and expectations, and follow market trends

Alongside integrations, the user experience is crucial as well. Yalantis knows this better than most thanks to all the projects we’ve worked on and followed on their road to recognition. Your solution’s success and its ability to attract customers hinge on the UI/UX. But don’t worry; we have an ace up our sleeves to support you even here.

UI library focused on customer acquisition

Together with Yalantis’ senior business analysts, our UI/UX designers have built user interfaces that ensure customer satisfaction, convenience, and user acquisition. With the ready-to-use UI library, you can choose and configure user interfaces that correspond to your company’s corporate style.

The Yalantis Banking Accelerator’s UI library was created with a focus on:

  • solving key user experience needs and problems of your target audience

  • providing top convenience for everyday banking operations with a minimal number of clicks and screens

  • reducing the number of steps users have to take to complete an operation

  • gamifying non-core functionality to please end users with a positive experience

  • delivering stunning visuals that will attract younger audiences and have all chances to go viral

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 1M

    active users within a year of the software product launch

  • $100K

    monthly transaction volume increase

  • 250%

    monthly growth in deposits

  • 50%

    faster banking software development with the ready-to-use Yalantis SDK

Yalantis banking software development services

Based on our experience creating software for the biggest neobank in America and other banking software products, we will help you build a top-notch banking solution

Core and on-demandfunctionality

  • Core banking system integration

  • Mobile banking

  • Cryptocurrency trading

  • Wealth management

  • Investment

  • Lending

Banking operations

  • Account management

  • ACH payments

  • P2P payments

  • Wire transfers

  • Bill payments

  • Invoicing

  • Saving accounts

  • Virtual cards

  • Overdrafts

  • Cashback

  • Credit scoring

  • Transaction monitoring

Data and customermanagement

  • Data analytics

  • Data warehouse

  • Business Intelligence

  • Robotic process automation

  • Customer portal

  • Customer support module

  • Loyalty program management

  • Referral program


  • Biometric identity access management

  • OAuth 2.0

  • Fraud protection

  • Risk detection

  • Customer verification (KYC/KYB)

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