IoT security services

  • Rely on our expertise in obtaining essential compliance certifications for your company, software, and hardware, including SOC2, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS and getting ISO compliant

  • Reduce business disruptions by applying proven IoT security measures and ensure continuous business process sustainability and efficiency

  • Increase your company’s trustworthiness by implementing innovative technologies contributing to continuous protection of your IoT solution

  • Boost investor confidence by showcasing robust security of your IoT solution and demonstrating your product’s technological maturity to end users

IoT cybersecurity services Yalantis provides

Yalantis has been ensuring the fortified security of IoT solutions for almost a decade. Our in-depth industry knowledge and multitude of successfully delivered projects enable us to offer the following IoT services:

  • IoT security solutions

    • Secure IoT device development

    • Secure communication protocols

    • Authentication and access control

    • Intrusion detection and prevention systems

    • API security

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Security training and awareness

    • Regulatory certification support

  • Security assessment and risk analysis

    • Risk assessment and mitigation

    • Penetration testing

    • Vulnerability scanning

    • Threat modeling

    • Compliance assessment

    • Gap analysis

    • Security policy review

    • Incident response planning

    • Security documentation

    • Third-party risk assessment

    • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

    • Data privacy assessment

    • Ongoing security monitoring

  • IoT security architecture design

    • Security architecture assessment

    • Security by design

    • Identity and access management (IAM)

    • Secure IoT device provisioning

    • IoT device authentication mechanisms

    • Security policy and compliance frameworks

    • Firewall and intrusion detection systems (IDS)

  • Data encryption and privacy

    • Data encryption

    • Data anonymization and pseudonymization

    • Data privacy impact assessment (DPIA)

    • Consent management

    • User data access controls

    • Privacy policy development

    • Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

    • Incident response for privacy breaches

    • Data retention and deletion policies

    • Secure data sharing and access control

    • Third-party data handling assessment

  • Secure firmware and software updates

    • Secure update protocol design

    • Firmware and software patch development

    • Code signing and verification

    • Rollback protection

    • Timed rollouts and staged updates

    • Secure update servers

    • User consent and notification

    • Update verification and integrity checks

    • Device health checks

    • Error handling and recovery procedures

    • Post-update testing and verification


Yalantis knows what your product needs and is capable of securing your business operations, confidential data, and securing IoT devices.

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Why are IoT security services important?

IoT security is critical for gaining users’ trust and protecting users in the digital Internet of Things realm, which features countless IoT devices that communicate and share data.


First, it’s necessary to secure sensitive information, preserving both individuals’ privacy and the privacy of corporate assets. Without robust IoT security, personal data, financial records, and proprietary business information become vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Second, security ensures the reliability of IoT devices and IoT systems. Secure IoT ecosystems don’t suffer from disruptions, maintain operational efficiency, and prevent costly downtime.


Moreover, IoT security solutions serve as a shield against cyber threats. In an era when everything is connected, focusing on IoT security is not only a smart choice for businesses but a promise for a safer digital future.

What is your experience in delivering IoT cybersecurity solutions?

Our extensive experience in IoT security includes delivering more than 10 IoT-based projects, each addressing various facets of IoT security. These projects have focused on secure development lifecycles, vulnerability management, comprehensive IoT solution security implementations, and ensuring device hardware security.


We have partnered with organizations of varying sizes in various industries, which has honed our ability to tailor IoT security solutions to clients’ unique needs. We’ve undertaken projects involving secure code development, threat detection and modeling, and risk assessment, ensuring that security is considered from the earliest stages of product development.


Moreover, we’ve implemented robust IoT security measures, including authentication, access control, and data encryption. Our expertise extends to managing device identities, securely onboarding devices and embedded systems, and securely transmitting data between IoT devices and cloud platforms.

How do you handle compliance considerations, especially in regulated industries? Do you provide IoT security consulting services?

Yalantis knows why it’s critical to comply with industry-specific requirements and maintain the highest standards of compliance. As an IoT security vendor and an ISO-certified company, we meticulously track security risks and stay up to date on evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring that IoT solutions we deliver are fully compliant with industry-specific laws and standards such as SOC2, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS. 


If needed, Yalantis provides consulting services to assure that our clients comply with ISO standards and help them prepare for the evaluation process. Such preparation encompasses comprehensive risk assessments, audit trails, and documentation protocols that meet the demands of regulated industries. We’ll work closely with your team to customize IoT security measures, policies, and procedures, addressing specific compliance needs.

As an IoT security company, how do you ensure the security of IoT devices and data?

Ensuring the security of IoT devices and data is a top priority for us. Our security teams implement a multi-layered approach that includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Authentication and authorization to ensure that only authorized individuals and IoT devices can access your IoT ecosystem 
  • Data encryption to protect sensitive information by ensuring that data in transit and at rest is encrypted using industry-standard protocols
  • Security updates after regular security assessments to help with threat detection, ensuring your IoT devices stay resilient against evolving risks
  • Monitoring and anomaly detection to promptly detect and respond to any abnormal device behavior and minimize potential damage
  • Cloud security where IoT data is processed and stored, including data encryption, intrusion detection, and disaster recovery planning
  • Physical security for hardware, which includes measures such as secure boot processes and tamper-resistant mechanisms to protect IoT devices from physical attacks

How do you ensure secure device onboarding and provisioning?

Handling secure device onboarding and provisioning is a critical aspect of our IoT security strategy, which features:

  • Identity verification. We establish a unique identity for each device that serves as a digital fingerprint, preventing unauthorized devices from gaining access.
  • Secure communication. During onboarding, IoT devices establish secure connections with our provisioning system. Data is encrypted, ensuring that sensitive information is safe during the setup process.
  • Authentication. IoT devices undergo meticulous authentication to verify their legitimacy: a device must prove its identity before being granted access.
  • Authorization. IoT devices are authorized with specific permissions and access levels, aligning with your security policies and requirements.
  • Provisioning credentials. We securely provide the necessary credentials, keys, and certificates to enable secure communication and data exchange between IoT connected devices and the cloud.
  • Monitoring and auditing. We closely monitor onboarding and provisioning for any anomalies to detect and promptly respond to suspicious behavior.
  • Scalability. Our provisioning system is designed for scalability, accommodating the addition of new connected devices seamlessly and nimbly.

Do your IoT cybersecurity services include designing a response plan in the event of a security breach?

We come up with a unique response plan for each client in the event of a security breach focusing on minimizing damage, restoring security, and maintaining transparency. It includes:

  • Immediate isolation to separate affected systems, preventing further unauthorized access
  • Forensic analysis to understand the scope and nature of the breach, identifying the entry point and potential vulnerabilities
  • Communication to inform you of the details and impact of the breach and the steps we’re taking to address it
  • Containment and eradication to contain the breach and eradicate any malware or unauthorized access
  • Data recovery to restore lost information whenever possible
  • Notification of affected parties and relevant authorities as required
  • Post-incident analysis to implement improvements to prevent future breaches

Our response plan prioritizes IoT security, transparency, and quick resolution to minimize the impact of any security incident.


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