Data visualization consulting

  • Drive innovative business ideas and adapt to market demands by identifying data patterns and trends with a custom approach to visualizing key performance indicators

  • Build lasting relationships with customers by implementing carefully researched and documented data visualization tools that help you grasp customers’ needs and pain points

  • Maximize insights derived from large and complex datasets with a data consulting team that defines the most suitable ways to visualize your data (charts, graphs, heatmaps, etc.)

  • Ensure a helicopter view of business processes with a comprehensive data visualization framework based on your business objectives and data infrastructure

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • Up to 20%

    increase in revenue by devising winning business strategies

  • 20+

    successful data visualization projects

  • 10+

    data visualization consultants available round the clock

  • Up to 50%

    reduction in data issues through infrastructure optimization

Data visualization consulting services Yalantis provides

Yalantis data visualization consultants empower your internal team with the tools and knowledge to effectively interpret and leverage data for improved decision-making, personalized customer interactions, and optimal use of company resources.

  • Requirements elicitation to identify business needs and gaps

    • Understand data needs

    • Explore data sources

    • Gather requirements across departments

    • Roadmap a data visualization solution

  • Domain-specific data visualization consulting

    • Address specific challenges and opportunities

    • Consider unique complexities of each business domain

    • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

  • Data visualization tool selection based on business needs

    • Evaluate data visualization tools

    • Consider functional and non-functional requirements

    • Research integration capabilities

    • Create a custom plan for tool implementation

  • Employee training to accurately visualize data

    • Customize training programs for employees

    • Hold hands-on workshops on best practices

    • Develop onboarding materials for end users

Unlock custom data visualization capabilities that fit seamlessly into your workflow

Enlist the support of Yalantis data consultants to choose a data visualization approach that lets you effectively communicate your business goals to diverse stakeholders and investors.

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What do data visualization services involve?

A data visualization consultant can be your assistant throughout project execution. You can rely on them whenever you need to change your initial project roadmap, reconsider particular technology choices, or employ new data visualization techniques. We quickly process such change requests, as we realize that change is inevitable as your business evolves.

What professional skills should a data visualization consultant have?

A data visualization specialist is an all-around expert, capable of aligning your business and data needs with technological solutions and helping you maximize the benefits derived from your data. Yalantis is your go-to partner in data visualization services. Our well-versed specialists have all the skills required to meet your requirements and account for the specifics of your business.

What is your approach to data visualization consulting and suggesting suitable data visualization tools?

At Yalantis, we perceive data visualization consulting as more than just advising how to create visually appealing charts and graphs. It’s about prioritizing your needs, exploring multiple ways to solve your data challenges, and helping you integrate data visualization tools that drive meaningful and actionable insights and facilitate informed decision-making.

Data visualization services at Yalantis: Distinctive features and value proposition

Yalantis data visualization consultants boast a 15-year track record of delivering bespoke data visualization consulting services and customizable data visualization solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses of various sizes and across various industries. Our comprehensive data visualization consulting approach (including a consultation, an implementation roadmap, and a solution architecture) ensures that each client, whether a startup or a global enterprise, receives a thorough data visualization solution.

Yalantis values your time. We do our best to provide only relevant deliverables and artifacts, including:

  • detailed research materials (among other things, a document recommending technologies that are the best fit for your unique business model)
  • regular demos and custom presentations to help you better grasp the value of data visualization services for your business
  • clear project specifications from domain and technical experts, who take into account your requirements
  • time and budget estimates for implementing data visualization solutions

We take a holistic approach to data visualization consulting and aspire to cover all of our clients’ needs and expectations. Whether you aim to improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, or uncover new revenue opportunities, we are committed to helping you maximize your data visualization capabilities. By partnering with Yalantis, you can develop into a data-driven organization equipped with the necessary tools to effectively manage, visualize, and analyze datasets, without becoming overwhelmed by them.

Data visualization consulting is a foundational stage in visual analytics. It involves the following steps:

  • Prioritizing business areas (together with your internal team) that would benefit the most from data visualizations
  • Eliciting functional and non-functional requirements to get a solid understanding of the data visualization needs within your organization
  • Assessing your current data infrastructure and composing a set of instructions for your in-house team to improve it, update it, and prepare it for data visualization solutions
  • Researching and presenting suitable data visualization techniques and providers that integrate well with your existing software systems and comply with industry laws, standards, and regulations
  • Devising a custom implementation plan for seamless and obstacle-free data visualization integration
  • Assisting you in making the final decision and composing a team for launching your data visualization project
  • Creating detailed project documentation and training materials for knowledge transfer to your in-house team

Data visualization project in a nutshell

  • Cross-disciplinary expertise. Beyond domain knowledge, our data visualization consultants are proficient in advising on improving data management and staying abreast of the latest advancements in data technologies. This ensures comprehensive solutions that address all facets of your data needs.
  • Analytical skills. Our consultants possess strong analytical skills, which are crucial for interpreting both technical and non-technical client requirements. This enables them to translate client needs into clear, actionable steps for seamless project execution.
  • Research skills. Data visualization consulting requires strong hands-on experience in analyzing diverse data visualization providers and defining whether their services and capabilities align with a client’s requirements.
  • Communication skills. A data visualization consultant needs to clearly communicate and present ideas, explain technical concepts, and interpret complex information for business and technical stakeholders in equal measure.
  • Ability to maintain partnerships. Building and maintaining effective partnerships is a cornerstone of our consultants’ approach. Yalantis consultants cultivate a collaborative working culture, ensuring all stakeholders’ needs are met and fostering a synergistic environment conducive to project success.
  • Risk management skills. Our consultants are adept at conducting risk assessment sessions to identify potential pitfalls in data visualization solutions. They develop robust risk mitigation strategies to address any challenges that may arise during implementation, safeguarding the project’s success.

At Yalantis, we take a thorough approach to recommending data visualization tools that considers various factors:

  • End users. Depending on the end users of a data visualization solution, we can suggest options tailored to accommodate varying levels of technical proficiency, ranging from more flexible and customizable options suited for tech-savvy users to user-friendly options designed for non-technical individuals.
  • Cost and time constraints. Your budget and time limitations play a decisive role in the choice of data visualization solution. With these constraints in mind, Yalantis data visualization consultants offer the optimal solution for your needs.
  • Data types and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our data consultants can provide you with tools that cater to your specific needs, taking into account datasets selected for analysis and the intended audience. These tools not only present data through clear and concise dashboards but also enable the creation of interactive data storytelling pages that seamlessly integrate dashboards with images and text to enhance the presentation of valuable insights.
  • Preferences in data visualization techniques (charts, graphs, pivot tables, maps). Considering a client’s preferred data visualization techniques is critical to make sure that a data visualization tool has all the functionality needed for comprehensive data analysis and visualization.
  • Extra data management capabilities. The choice of a suitable tool also depends on whether you need a holistic data management solution with functionality that enables not only business data visualization but also (for instance) data warehouse, data lake, data modeling, and advanced data analytics capabilities.

These are only basic factors that impact the choice of a data visualization tool. You may also have business- or industry-specific requirements, such as the need to comply with laws and regulations. Moreover, the scope of your business expansion plan can significantly impact your choice of data visualization solution. As your operations extend into diverse geographic regions, a tool’s ability to seamlessly function across borders becomes critical. Factors such as language support, currency conversion, and compatibility with varying data infrastructures may become crucial considerations in ensuring uninterrupted operation in different markets.

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