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Mobile banking app development

  • Extend your product ecosystem and boost customer loyalty with a user-focused mobile banking app

  • Develop client-facing mobile software for users to interact with your neobanking business

  • Reduce time to market and development costs with ready-to-use libraries

  • Secure banking operations with an AI-enabled fraud and risk prevention system

What does Yalantis consider essential when developing a mobile banking application?

Mobile banking development is a complex process that involves not only implementing functionality that your end users would like to see on your platform but also thinking ahead regarding every aspect of solution design and development. At Yalantis, we strive to deliver more than a convenient application to our clients. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality product that will help our clients achieve their long-term goals and be technologically ready for any challenge the FinTech industry brings.

We support our clients at each stage of mobile banking application development:

  • Business analysis

  • UI/UX design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Post-release solution enhancement and maintenance

Throughout the whole development process, Yalantis pays close attention to cost-effectiveness and efficiency, compliance with industry standards and regulations, and user-centered design.

Identify and monetize business flows you may have missed

The Yalantis business analysis department has a FinTech subdivision that has been working on FinTech projects for more than five years. Our business analysts can design all of your business processes from scratch or reverse engineer your existing solutions, identify gaps in your business logic, and discover unused revenue streams and optimize them to maximize their value for your company.

Present a UI/UX that addresses customers’ pain points

At Yalantis, we strongly believe that strong UI/UX design isn't just about a beautiful picture and fancy animations. While working on user interfaces and the user experience, we aim to address end users’ concerns and streamline business processes. We look to create solutions that are fully in line with users’ expectations. For example, we minimize the number of screens users must go through to complete a specific task. At the same time, our UX designers always strive for an intuitive design that is clear for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users.

Think ahead when developing a mobile banking application

When delivering a banking solution, one of our priorities is to make sure that the application will work error-free for a long time. Among other things, this necessitates choosing technologies that are capable of serving multiple users simultaneously and that can provide stable performance under high loads.

Yalantis always sets the goal of cost-efficient development, so we reuse tried-and-tested development approaches, development strategies, and sometimes even development environments. This allows us to speed up the development process and significantly reduce the amount of work.

Also, when designing the solution architecture, our experts consider your strategic goals and ensure new functionality can be easily and quickly implemented in the future without affecting the work of the whole application.

Test your product to withstand external attacks and crashes

Yalantis has experience working with both manual and automated solution testing. Depending on the case, our experts can advise on the best testing method and set up the whole testing ecosystem to make sure the application works as it should. Our clients get a full security testing package so the platform won’t suffer from unauthorized access.

The sky’s the limit

Considering how quickly the FinTech industry is developing, there’s always room for improvement. If you want to continuously improve your solution, our teams are ready to offer ongoing application support. This includes working on new functionality, solution stability, and overall user experience optimization.

Value we have delivered to our clients

  • 1M

    active users within a year of the software product launch

  • $100K

    monthly transaction volume increase after launch

  • 250%

    monthly growth in deposits since the product went live

  • 50%

    faster mobile banking app development with the ready-to-use Yalantis SDK

Yalantis mobile banking development services

With 20+ FinTech projects delivered, we know how to streamline customers' interactions with your business, increase user engagement, and boost customer lifetime value

Personal finance management

  • Cash flow management

  • Wealth management

  • Budget planning

  • Investment planning

  • Financial savings

  • Customizable reports

  • Spending activity monitoring

  • Card and account management

Bank account management

  • Bank account integration

  • Multi-factor user authorization

  • Push notifications

  • Spending trends

  • P2P, ACH, and wire transfers

  • Management and monitoring of recurring payments

  • Customer loyalty programs

  • Fraud prevention

  • Customer support modules

  • Chatbots

Card management

  • Physical card management

  • Virtual card creation and management

  • Card spending management

  • Requisite management

  • Card reissue/replacement request

  • Merchant virtual cards

eWallets integration

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay transactions

  • One-tap payments

  • E-commerce payments

  • Payment history tracking

  • Adding cards to eWallets

Mobile banking app development in line with your business goals

Yalantis will ensure compliance with industry regulations, build an extensive feature set, and provide a client-centric user experience

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