Cloud consulting services

Optimize your current cloud infrastructure or seamlessly transition to a cloud environment.

  • Develop a cloud strategy and roadmap for efficient cloud transformation

  • Adjust to the new cloud environment with a custom adaptability plan

  • Define your organization’s readiness for cloud migration

  • Ensure stakeholder and investor buy-in for your cloud-based solution

  • Enable interoperability between your
    on-premises and cloud-based systems

  • Estimate future benefits of cloud adoption or migration for your organization

Cloud consulting services at Yalantis

  • Cloud strategy development

    • Build a custom cloud adoption strategy based on your business and technical needs

    • Define which cloud deployment model (public, private, hybrid) is more suitable for you

    • Train employees to efficiently use cloud resources

  • Cloud migration planning

    • Prepare an action plan for accelerated cloud migration

    • Explore different migration strategies to choose the most suitable one

    • Get an estimate of investments and resources necessary for the cloud shift

  • Cloud platform selection

    • Compare cloud providers by cost, performance, scalability, and compliance

    • Evaluate the pros and cons of setting up a multi-cloud environment

Benefits of having Yalantis as your cloud consulting company

  • 01

    Reduced development time

    Minimize the time required for selecting cloud technology and speed up the development process thanks to the in-depth knowledge of cloud consulting professionals.

  • 02

    Cloud cost optimization

    Optimize cloud costs and the use of your cloud resources with a custom cloud strategy.

  • 03

    Enhanced cloud performance

    Refine your current cloud infrastructure and improve its performance with a thorough analysis of your cloud software and services and an improvement roadmap.

  • 04

    High performance and on-demand scalability

    Identify a suitable and gradual cloud scaling strategy and achieve high system performance to preserve business continuity and ensure stable business growth.

Obtain a cloud strategy for uninterrupted business operations

Check whether your current cloud infrastructure is operating as intended and prepare a plan for fast-paced cloud adoption.

Request a consultation

What cloud platforms does your cloud consulting company work with, and how do you determine the best fit for your clients?

We provide cloud consulting services to help you choose among major cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and DigitalOcean. To determine which platform is best for each client, we take into account security and compliance requirements, price expectations, scalability needs, project constraints, and many other factors. Upon receiving this information, we provide a detailed comparison of different cloud vendors and help you make the optimal choice.


When clients request that we integrate with a particular cloud service provider (such as Google Cloud), we still evaluate their choice, and if we see that another cloud vendor would be a better fit, we present our recommendation and the reasoning behind it.


When choosing a cloud platform for your software solution during the cloud consulting process, we consider as many factors as possible, including your long-term goals and plans for future advancements.

What level of ongoing support and maintenance do your cloud consulting services include after cloud migration?

Since cloud migration can be a disruptive process, we offer long-term support and maintenance services to preserve your business continuity. We actively engage in supporting your cloud infrastructure by monitoring key metrics such as network performance and promptly identifying any issues. To keep your system up to date, we manage software patches and updates. Our cloud computing consulting service also includes resolving service disruptions and responding to incidents.

How do your cloud consultants assess a client’s current infrastructure and develop a cloud adoption plan?

To assess your current infrastructure and develop a custom cloud adoption plan, Yalantis cloud IT consulting involves conducting a thorough assessment of your company’s operations, critical stakeholders and their needs, and both on-premises and cloud-native software systems to define your cloud maturity level. This way we can identify opportunities and areas for cloud adoption.


We also take a look at your application portfolio to find out which systems would benefit the most from a shift to the cloud. Our cloud services team also assesses the readiness of your infrastructure for cloud migration or cloud-native development. As a result of such an in-depth assessment, our cloud services consultants provide you with a catered cloud adoption strategy and a clear iterative plan. We then approve the plan with you and can adjust and refine it along the way.

Can your cloud consulting firm help to identify potential risks and challenges associated with cloud adoption, and how do you mitigate them?

Yes, we can. Mitigating risks or obstacles that prevent you from smoothly transitioning to the cloud is one of our most important tasks as a cloud consulting agency. We achieve this by performing a risk assessment to spot any security vulnerabilities associated with moving to the cloud for your particular business and industry. Our team works closely with you to determine which security mechanisms are the most appropriate, and in which cases.


Our cloud services consulting team can also evaluate your current cloud solutions and cloud service provider in terms of their reliability and compatibility with your infrastructure. If we see any issues, we’ll either offer you an alternative cloud vendor or provide you with a cloud optimization solution. The Yalantis cloud consulting team can also offer training for your internal team if they’re resistant to change or face difficulties with effectively using cloud services.

What it takes for a cloud computing consulting services team to build a feasible cloud adoption roadmap

Building a feasible cloud adoption roadmap requires careful planning, analysis, and collaboration within a cloud computing consulting services team. To develop a custom cloud adoption roadmap, we:

assess the current business state. We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, cloud solutions, and business processes. During the cloud consultation process, we can also conduct a quick survey among your company’s key stakeholders and employees to define where they stand on cloud usage and adoption. The aim of cloud consultancy at this initial stage is to evaluate your business’s readiness for the cloud environment.

define business objectives. As the next step of our cloud consultancy services, we work closely with you to identify your specific business goals and objectives regarding cloud migration or adoption. Goals could include improving scalability, reducing expenses, enhancing business agility and flexibility, or accelerating the time to market. Clearly understanding these objectives will help the Yalantis IT cloud consulting team shape a tailored cloud adoption roadmap.

identify cloud adoption strategies. Moving along with our cloud consulting service delivery, we work with you to explore various cloud adoption strategies that align with your objectives. A unique cloud adoption strategy can involve a mix of public, private, or hybrid cloud models. Our cloud consulting experts also consider factors such as workload suitability, data sensitivity, and regulatory requirements when selecting appropriate cloud deployment models.

Analyze the workload. Our cloud computing consultancy team analyzes your existing applications and workloads to determine their suitability for cloud migration. We identify dependencies, performance requirements, and potential challenges and then categorize workloads into low, medium, and high complexity.

prioritize a migration plan. A Yalantis cloud service consultant develops a migration plan that outlines the sequence and timeline for moving workloads to the cloud and prioritizes the plan based on factors such as business value, technical feasibility, and dependencies. 

assess cost and ROI. Yalantis cloud consulting professionals also evaluate the cost implications of migrating to the cloud, including for infrastructure, services, and ongoing operational expenses. Our cloud service consulting company will develop a cost model for you and perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis to justify the migration and ensure it aligns with your budget and financial goals.

address security and compliance concerns. Yalantis defines a comprehensive security and compliance framework for your cloud journey. Our cloud consultation services include identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate security controls. We aim at ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations specific to your business domain.

develop a governance and management plan. As part of our cloud computing consulting approach, we establish governance policies, processes, and controls to effectively manage cloud resources and ensure alignment with your IT governance framework. Our cloud consultants define roles and responsibilities, access controls, and service-level agreements (SLAs) with cloud service providers.

consider data management and integration. Our cloud solution consulting team plans for efficient data migration and data management in the cloud. We evaluate data integration requirements and identify suitable tools and techniques to ensure smooth data transfer and ongoing synchronization between on-premises and cloud environments.

establish monitoring and optimization mechanisms. As a cloud support agency, we also define monitoring and performance optimization strategies to proactively manage the cloud environment. Our cloud consulting team implements tools and processes for monitoring resource utilization, performance metrics, and cost optimization. We continuously analyze and refine the cloud environment to ensure it meets your evolving needs.

review and update the roadmap. Cloud adoption is an ongoing process, and that’s why our cloud solutions consulting team regularly reviews and updates the roadmap based on lessons learned, evolving business requirements, and advancements in cloud technologies. We also ensure alignment with your long-term business objectives.

By following these steps, the Yalantis cloud computing consulting services team can build a feasible cloud adoption roadmap that addresses your objectives while considering technical, operational, and business aspects. Our collaboration, expertise, and flexibility are key to success throughout the entire cloud consulting process.