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business solutions

Build a cost-effective and complementary product ecosystem that covers all your business scenarios in one go with elements that integrate and interact under the hood.

  • Manage all of your operations, resources, and finances from a unified system

  • Ensure proper interaction and communication between your departments and branches

  • See the big picture and take control of the processes within your business

  • Obtain business agility for stable business growth and effective problem-solving

What we can offer for your E2E solution


Digital transformation

  • Process visibility
  • Process standardization
  • Process integration
  • Process automation
  • Ad-hoc process and program management

Data management and migration

  • Data integration and interaction
  • Data transformation and translation
  • Data warehousing
  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Cloud and DevOps solutions

Security and governance

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Role and permission management
  • Multi-factor authorization
  • Single sign-in

Mobile solutions

  • Remote communication software
  • Task and productivity management
  • Customer portals
  • Fully functional mobile apps

Third-party integrations

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resource management
  • Analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Accelerated implementation

Legacy modernization

  • Elaboration of new products for the ecosystem
  • Consolidation of separate products into an ecosystem
  • Extension of system capabilities
  • Creation of a unified UI and UX for all system elements

Got a specific business requirement and not sure how to cover it with technology? We have the solution.


How we approach end-to-end solution creation

  • Analysis

    Conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and IT systems

  • Desired state modelling

    Model the desired state and scenarios and define the missing system elements

  • Solution design

    Create a solution design that covers all scenarios with proper system elements

  • Architecture design

    Design a flexible and integration-ready architecture

  • Platform-agnostic development

    Develop all of the system elements using the platform-agnostic approach

  • Continuous delivery

    Set up continuous delivery and integration for regular and stable releases

  • Product support

    Provide post-release support and maintenance services for each system element

Our work creating and augmenting end-to-end solutions



Discover how we developed an all-around healthcare platform that:

  • Enables telemedicine with scheduling and payments

  • Allows for real-time communication between patients and caregivers

  • Supplies patient monitoring and medical device integrations

  • Ensures compliance with HIPAA and high-level security standards

See full case study

Transportation management system

Supply chainWebUSASaaS

See how we built a cloud-based transportation management system that:

  • Reduces the route planning time for multiple vehicles from 6 hours to 30 minutes

  • Automates business processes, routine operations, and problem-solving

  • Provides visibility for all logistics and delivery processes within the system

  • Smoothly integrates with other modules and systems such as billing and WMS

See full case study



Learn how we developed a unified system for wealth management operations that:

  • Allows for collecting, processing, and visualizing financial data

  • Provides tooling for opening and monitoring investment accounts

  • Eliminates manual operations on billing saving 320 man hours a month

  • Supplies a customer portal with details on customer finances in real time

See full case study

Full-cycle software development for your business goals

Whether you need consulting services, to develop a complex fully integrated software ecosystem, or to support your current line of applications, we are here to help.

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