End-to-end business solutions

    With the complexity of the IT systems for meeting business needs and new opportunities, companies need sophisticated and complementary solutions that cover end-to-end business scenarios. Such solutions normally combine multiple apps in a product ecosystem. Be these server, web, mobile, wearables, IoT, or any other solutions, they are to work in a concerted effort and drive added value services. Yalantis offers a holistic approach to designing and implementing end-to-end business solutions that help businesses cover their needs in one go. Our experts develop systems that properly coexist, integrate, and interact under the hood. And all of that comes based on the requirements and expectations of the target audiences for each specific product and the whole product ecosystem.


    Delivery approach

    • Business analysis

      Yalantis starts with conducting an in-depth analysis of the current business state and modelling the desired state. Then our experts develop the required business scenarios that lead to the requirements of the products, and system components for business process automating and improving

    • Requirement consistency

      Designing products, businesses may face data and functionality inconsistency. For this reason our experts elicit requirements for the whole product line and all platforms at once, considering the possible component interactions and data interchanging

    • Solution design

      Yalantis elaborates sustainable solution designs that link certain business objectives with the products, technologies, and user experience. The solutions become reliable and flexible for business expansion and scaling based on the business needs, functionality, and governance specifics

    • Integrations

      We design solutions that are flexible for both, integrating into an already existing product line and infrastructure, and staying flexible and open to the outside integrations. And no matter if it’s adding a new payment gateway, A/B testing, deploying new components for separate products, or any other added functionality

    • Platform-agnostic development

      Yalantis ensures that technology preferences do not dictate solutions for a business problem. Instead, the problem becomes the key to making technology choices, building ecosystem architectures, and designing user experiences

    • Program management

      Within an ecosystem, businesses have to simultaneously develop multiple products and run multiple teams. With the PMI-based approach, integration management, constraints management, and other tools, we help clients obtain benefits not available from managing every project individually

    • Smooth and continuous delivery

      With strong competitors in the market, companies need to ensure that their clients get quality products faster. To overcome this challenge, Yalantis properly sets up continuous delivery for all ecosystem products and ensures release regularity

    • Post-release support

      The after-launch support of the whole product line requires additional attention to the overall ecosystem stability and functional consistency. Be it infrastructure, customer, or development support by Yalantis, we help businesses successfully operate without worrying about any technical limitations of their implemented solutions


    Business problem centricity

    We thoroughly investigate the client’s business structure, processes, objectives, and problems. After that, our clients obtain a business-specific strategy along with improved operation efficiency, derived from certain problems and not technology limitations

    Time-to-market reduction

    Thanks to parallel development and other schedule compression techniques during building a product ecosystem, our clients reduce development cycle times. This lets them enter new markets in a mature way, introducing an extended product line

    Business agility

    With the reduced time-to-market, businesses receive user feedback faster. Thus, they can seamlessly adapt all products of their ecosystems to the actual user needs and market demands within a much shorter period of time

    Budget optimization

    Yalantis delivers custom software saving the client's budget and time. This becomes possible thanks to the schedule compression techniques and parallel development of the whole product line

    Robust solution

    We implement the exact matching architecture, design, and development solutions for each specific ecosystem. This way, we deliver flexible, scalable, reliable, highly usable, and maintainable product ecosystems to our clients

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    Creating a holistic solution for healthcare institutions

    Find out how we developed an enterprise healthcare system to digitize processes supporting everything from C-level decision-making to the routine tasks of all medical specialists, non-medical hospital personnel, laboratory staff, and healthcare consumers.

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    Building custom processes for a complex transportation solution

    Discover how we quickly staffed a team of 30 professionals and adopted the most efficient project management frameworks to deliver a complex multi-platform ecosystem of six apps in just four months without exceeding time and budget constraints.

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