Read about our new fully-functioning development office located in Cyprus.

Our new fully-functioning office in Larnaca, Cyprus


In 2021, Yalantis officially opened a new EU-based development office in Larnaca, Cyprus. Its dynamic business environment, developed infrastructure, and comfortable location on the world map make Cyprus — and Larnaca, in particular — a perfect destination for both our clients and colleagues.

[Yalantis team celebrating opening of the office in Cyprus]

Since its opening, Yalantis’s new office has welcomed teams working on a number of projects dedicated to healthcare, logistics, and communication software development. The new Cyprus location has allowed us to erase the borders between our clients and our team. Developers who are working remotely can come to spend time together in sunny Cyprus. 

[Yalantis team working in Larnaca, Cyprus]

Since we are still living in pandemic times, our office in Larnaca fully complies with rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The staff is taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees and guests. 

The office is located just by the seaside and is equipped with a leisure area, a kitchen, and a rooftop terrace to catch some fresh air in the midst of the workday. The proximity of the office to the Larnaca airport and downtown makes logistics smooth and saves time for business appointments. 

[The view from Yalantis office in Larnaca, Cyprus]

This new development center brings to the table more strategic benefits our clients are getting from collaboration with Yalantis:

  • meeting the development team in person and spending time together becomes easier thanks to Cyprus’s geographic location
  • working closely allows our clients to take part in the development process, providing more control and flexibility over any work situations
  • a comfy office space as well as the outdoor settings help our clients know the team better and allow them to spend some leisure time together

The Cyprus office is a part of Yalantis’s globalization strategy. It brings us closer to our clients worldwide and creates favorable conditions for developing reliable software solutions aimed at solving complex business tasks.

The address of our office in Cyprus is Apt. 10F2 (1003), 8 Athinon Street (Finikoudes), 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus.

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