Apps for Big Screens

We provide custom web app development services for medium-sized companies and small businesses.


From raw idea
to scalable product

We provide full-cycle web development, from prototyping to design and implementation, then on to support and maintenance.

  • Requirements elicitation

    We elicit your requirements, prepare a product specification, and design wireframes. These wireframes are later transformed into a prototype you can actually click on. Our prototypes include animations, transitions, and interactions.

  • Design and development

    With a strong grasp of frontend and backend technologies, we create designs that are reinforced with high-quality code. We specialize in JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Go, and Elixir development.

  • Quality control

    We apply both manual and automated testing to all digital products we develop to make sure they are efficient, reliable, stable, usable, secure, compatible, and maintainable. We use the most cost-effective testing tools and techniques.

  • Infrastructure and architecture

    We provide DevOps as a managed service for businesses that run applications in the cloud. Our DevOps specialists ensure that your system runs efficiently, with ~99.998% uptime and rapid deployment of changes.

  • Post-release support

    We also offer post-release support services available for a period determined by you. Supporting and maintaining a product after launch makes it possible for you to constantly improve the product’s quality to meet the needs of end users

Modern architectural approaches

We use modern architectural patterns, such as MVP and MVVM, to create mighty and scalable applications with clean, maintainable, and testable code.

  • Frontend

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Angular
    • React
  • Infrastructure

    • AWS
    • AWS Lambda
    • GitLab
    • Heroku
    • Jenkins
    • Rackspace
    • Nginx
    • Docker
  • Backend

    • Node.js
    • Elixir
    • Go
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Phoenix
    • Express
  • Database

    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • MySQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • MongoDB

Tackling backend challenges with ease

We’ve brought together all our expertise and prepared a thorough guide to some of the most common challenges associated with backend development.

We know web
development A-Z

We recognize the difference between knowing something about web development and truly mastering it

  • Architecture
    We design applications as a collection of services or loosely coupled modules. The microservice architecture offers the flexibility to change and redeploy modules without worrying about the rest of the application’s components. We achieve scalability with minimal effort and can easily change the technology stack as needed.
    • Parallel development
    • Independent deployment
    • Continuous refactoring
  • Cloud hosting
    We use services like AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Heroku, and Microsoft Azure to host the backend of web and mobile applications that we build. We choose cloud solutions based on your product specifics and business needs.
    • AWS
    • DigitalOcean
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Heroku
  • Databases
    We work with SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL) and NoSQL (Elasticsearch and Redis) databases. Our choice of database is determined by user demands and system design. We make sure that all our websites and web applications are able to store and retrieve data accurately, quickly, and reliably.
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • MySQL
    • Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure
    We engage a dedicated DevOps specialist to install and manage server infrastructure and deploy your application code. While installing and managing infrastructure, we make sure to set secure access configurations (to protect your application server from invasions) and configure backups (to have the ability to restore vital data). We also sometimes rely on Amazon Lambda to run server-side code without provisioning or managing servers.
    • Doker
    • Jenkins
    • Nginx
    • AWS Lambda
  • Programming
    There are three key criteria we use to decide on a framework: 1) ability to handle and solve common problems; 2) speed of development; and 3) adaptability with emerging technologies. We specialize in the Ruby on Rails, Express, AngularJS, Node.js, React, and Phoenix for Elixir frameworks.
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Angular
    • React.js
    • Express.js
    • Node.js
  • Scalability
    We architect systems to withstand high loads with minimal effort. We apply scale-up and scale-out (vertical and horizontal scaling) to make sure our web apps perform well and can handle increased loads without increasing response times. We support and optimize resource utilization on various dimensions such as memory and data structures.
    • Load balancing
    • Partitioning
    • Vertical scaling
    • Horizontal scaling

Who’s behind our web apps

Excellent technical skills, a commitment to quality, and the desire to build lasting relationships — it’s why our clients want to work with us.

  • Michael Kurtikov


    A highly experienced programmer, Michael is now Chief Technical Officer at Yalantis. Michael has worked as a Ruby on Rails developer and a web team lead for over seven years. He’s currently consulting our clients on the best technical solutions for their businesses and is responsible for talent development at our company.

  • Alexey Podobed

    Senior frontend developer

    Alex has been in web development for more than six years. He’s a top frontend developer who specializes in creating fast, performant, and scalable applications using the Angular framework. Alex has significant experience developing social and productivity apps.

  • Anton Runov

    Senior backend developer

    Anton is a qualified backend expert whose five-year working experience includes more than ten active web products. He has strong expertise building high-load web applications with Ruby on Rails and Elixir. In his work, he relies heavily on his innate allergy to bad code, attention to detail, and strong practical knowledge.

  • Andrew Zelenets

    Senior backend developer

    Andrew enjoys problem solving. He knows how to leverage Ruby to rapidly build RESTful APIs that are easy to understand, use, and maintain. Andrew can squeeze out every drop of performance using well-architected API designs and caching.

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