Healthcare IT consulting

  • Identify the root causes of your technology-related problems and develop solutions to address them

  • Get expert guidance on how to improve your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs

  • Develop and implement technology strategies that align with your business goals

  • Manage complex IT projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget

Why choose Yalantis for healthcare IT consulting?

  • 10+

    years of experience in healthcare

  • 50+

    healthcare products delivered to our clients

  • 100+

    healthcare domain experts

  • 2x

    growth in customers after our involvement

Yalantis healthcare IT consulting services

We help businesses get a firm footing in the market by helping them design and develop scalable, maintainable, and strategic healthcare software solutions

  • Digital transformation

    • All-round technology audits of existing solutions

    • Architectural redesign

    • Smart automation and optimization of internal processes

    • Advice on reducing costs

    • Development of patient-facing applications

    • Medical device selection and configuration

    • Online medical practice management

    • Telemedicine/telehealth implementation

  • Solution development

    • Cost- and time-efficient development strategies

    • Architectural design according to your business objectives

    • Guidance on selecting and tailoring the technology stack

    • Compliance advisory

    • Cybersecurity and risk management

    • Business logic design and enhancement

    • Functionality implementation and improvement

    • Monetization model design

  • Business expansion

    • Comprehensive business analysis via reverse engineering

    • Identification and resolution of gaps in business logic

    • Architecture assessment and optimization

    • Data migration strategy design and implementation

    • Software augmentation according to long-term business goals

  • Delivery optimization

    • IT department coaching and knowledge transfer

    • Implementation of tools for efficient development and process management

    • Advisory on bug-free development and testing strategies

    • Budget- and time-efficient product delivery methodology

    • Consulting on functional delivery according to business goals

    • User feedback processing

    • Conversion-optimized UI/UX design

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our clients

How do you identify the root causes of problems?

Yalantis has been developing software solutions for healthcare organizations for over 10 years. Throughout this time, we have not only honed our technical skills but have also gained industry knowledge and extended our expertise to cover comprehensive business analysis. All this has enabled us to form a health IT consulting division within Yalantis that is dedicated to healthcare domain-specific solutions.


Our healthcare department consists of 100+ subject matter experts (SMEs) that are fluent in their field, senior business analysts with multiple healthcare projects up their sleeves, and experienced solution architects that know how to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed our clients’ expectations. 


To identify the root cause of a problem in the scope of our healthcare software consulting services, our business analyst team will scrutinize the existing solution or the client’s product vision and expectations inside and out. Their goal is not only to identify how the solution works and what it lacks but also how it should operate according to industry standards, end user expectations, the client’s long-term business goals, and competitors’ offerings.


Whether the business logic requires some optimization, there are cumbersome workflows, or there’s unsellable functionality, our business analysts will come up with a detailed description of the obstacles that prevent the client’s business from scaling. They will also take a glance into the future by analyzing trends, user demands, and market competition in order to present possible outcomes of the current state of affairs. 


The deliverable as a result of this in-depth analysis is a solution document that contains a list of options to save the solution and, consequently, the business. These options can be integrations with third-party services to provide end users with additional functionality, an architectural redesign to prepare the solution for future scaling and stable performance, business logic optimization to optimize processes, and so on. 

How do you contribute to improving efficiency and reducing costs?

Yalantis values its clients and is grateful for the trust they give us with each new project. In response, we do everything possible to ensure efficient development and save our clients’ resources. On-time delivery isn’t all we aim for. Our goal is to deliver a product that solves the client’s issues and is an effective tool for achieving the client’s goals. 


We always look for the most beneficial ways to develop health systems. Here are some examples:


  • When choosing between developing a custom solution and integrating with ready-to-use third-party services, our IT consulting healthcare team will go with third-party services if it’s more suitable for our client in terms of achieving their goals and meeting their needs. Opting for third-party services can reduce development costs, save resources, and accelerate the implementation of needed functionality. 
  • Our software engineers have extensive experience developing various healthcare solutions and health systems; thus, our clients can rely on them to choose the most appropriate and suitable development strategies. If there are better or more efficient ways of developing a solution or implementing specific functionality than those the client has chosen, our engineers will readily share them, along with detailed argumentation. This approach helps our clients save time and money.
  • Our subject matter experts know how to develop health systems that will last for many years. They are constantly upgrading their knowledge and consulting our teams on future trends in security, regulations, and technologies. Using this knowledge, they make sure our clients’ solutions are built in accordance with all industry-specific requirements, capable of operating and actively scaling for many years to come, and secure for end users.


There are a multitude of similar examples. Let us know if you want to learn more about our health information technology consulting strategy. 

How do you manage complex IT projects?

We have had the opportunity to work on projects with varying team compositions, complexities, scopes of work, and deadlines. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have used that knowledge to design our unique project management and solution delivery strategies for healthcare information technology consulting. 


To properly manage any project, it’s crucial to define its development approach. And for this reason, it’s even more important to understand what the client wants to see at the end — in other words, to accurately define the client’s goals. 


Sometimes, our clients don’t understand the full potential of the health systems they want to develop. In this case, our subject matter experts prepare a presentation for our clients on the solution’s future prospects and what’s important to take into account during the early stages of development. This is especially important for large and complex projects, as any mistake at the preparatory stage can cost a fortune later on. 


Already at the negotiation and discovery stages, our project management team evaluates a project together with our subject matter experts in order to get a clear understanding of the resources needed. Based on the results of this evaluation, we can recommend the most suitable project management approach, such as the Agile or Scaled Agile framework.  


With all details of a project in their hands, our team can also present the client with rough project estimates. This includes a list of suitable technologies and even possible integrations with third-party service healthcare providers. Such an approach helps to save the solution from undergoing a technology change (in terms of the programming language or framework) that will lead to delays and the need for more resources.

How do you ensure the cybersecurity of healthcare solutions?

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated. To legally operate on the market, your health systems must comply with HIPAA, the CFR, and the GDPR (if your solution is for the European market). 


Additionally, to secure your end users’ personal health information, you have to apply special protocols for transmitting personal medical data, such as HL7 and the FHIR interoperability standards. 


Furthermore, ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) Health IT Certification is required to prove that your health systems meet federal requirements for healthcare solution providers. Yalantis has experience working with all of these compliance requirements. 


As an IT healthcare consulting provider, we will closely control the development process. It doesn’t matter if our development teams or your own IT department work on the solution. We will ensure that your product is able to securely store and process protected health information (PHI) by all means, no matter what. 


Our medical IT consulting team will help you ensure security for different types of applications. For example, we will consult you on implementing data encryption, the HTTPS protocol, and SSL/TLS certificates for web applications. To secure patient sessions in your mobile application, we will help you configure multi-factor authentication and session time limits (timeouts). To secure in-hospital access to patient data, we would advise you to implement a role-based access control (RBAC) mechanism.


Depending on the type of project, we will come up with a custom cybersecurity strategy to secure all processes. 

Why are healthcare IT consulting services becoming even more important for businesses to succeed?

Healthcare IT consulting is becoming critical for companies operating in the healthcare field, and it’s especially necessary for new companies that are only starting to develop their solutions. These are some of the reasons why healthcare IT consulting is so important.

Reasons to go for healthcare IT consulting services

  • The healthcare industry is fiercely competitive, and you have to deliver sellable health systems that will somehow stand out.
  • There are too many solutions on the market, too many technologies to use, and too many development and business strategies to follow. Not all healthcare organizations are sure of which path to take to achieve their goals without needing to change their direction halfway through.
  • There’s a need to see ahead. To maintain your market position, you have to understand what your customers will need in the near future and know how to meet those future needs. At the same time, technologically, you have to be prepared for new trends even now while your solution is being developed. Not all companies have the requisite experience to do this. 

All these reasons are behind the high demand for experienced healthcare IT consultants who are capable of guiding a business to success. 

How can healthcare IT consultants help healthcare businesses thrive 

Yalantis will provide you with both experienced subject matter experts and a development team with expertise in developing complex health systems. As our SMEs and development teams closely cooperate within a dedicated department at Yalantis, they are familiar with each other’s work styles and can start working quickly. 

Together, they are able to help healthcare organizations:

Stand out on the market. Yalantis business analysts, software engineers, delivery managers, and project managers have worked on multiple healthcare projects, and our SMEs are constantly gaining valuable experience and expertise in healthcare IT consulting. They already know what the competition looks like, what other companies offer, what end users need, how the market is likely to change in the near future, and what technologies will help you seamlessly scale.

Choose the most suitable technology stack. Yalantis has software engineers who specialize in the most popular programming languages on the market. We’re actively expanding our talent base and have strategies for accelerating team staffing. However, just having specialists for implementing technologies that you think are suitable isn’t enough. As a healthcare IT consulting company, Yalantis’ mission is to help you choose the right technology for your business. We will investigate your business needs, your short- and long-term goals, and the specifics of your solution, then advise you on technologies that will serve you for years to come. Needless to say, we will provide you with all required specialists. 

Stay on the market as long as you like. Of course, healthcare organizations would like to be in the game for the long run. However, the competition is fierce. Yalantis will help you conquer the market for years to come by always keeping your solutions in line with end users’ requests and needs, implementing all needed functionality, and guiding you through tough processes of acquiring certifications. As your reliable partner, Yalantis will help you maintain your relevance on the market and support your business expansion technologically.

What consulting services Yalantis provides and how we can help you release successful software solutions

Yalantis can provide healthcare IT consulting services and help you in all aspects of software solution development. This includes:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive business analysis to understand what your health systems will look like in terms of its architecture, functionality, and functional and non-functional requirements
  • Designing the UI/UX of your solution to not only provide a user-friendly experience but also attract more end users and hospitals to work through your product 
  • Developing a feature-rich platform from the ground up or enhancing your existing health systems
  • Ensuring a high level of security for your solution
  • Manually testing your solution through and through to make sure it works according to your needs and requirements 
  • Setting up automated testing environments to reduce manual work and costs 
  • Helping you with release and post-release activities that may include fixing bugs, improving the solution’s stability and performance, and enhancing the solution with new functionality 

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