AI-powered HR assistant solutions from Yalantis

  • Enhance HR department efficiency by streamlining core HR operations such as employee onboarding and offboarding with a customizable AI assistant

  • Improve HR information accessibility with an AI assistant offering advanced search capabilities and context-aware responses

  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement by providing personalized employee training and development resources via an AI assistant

  • Maximize HR professionals’ productivity by automating grunt work with an AI assistant and freeing up time for meaningful tasks

  • Overhaul HR practices with an AI assistant that provides real-time insights into HR department performance

  • Reduce HR errors with a consistent and accurate exchange of standardized HR information, policies, and user guides via an AI assistant

Value we have delivered to our clients with Yalantis AI Assistant

  • Up to 70%

    faster replies to employee inquiries

  • Up to 50%

    reduction in onboarding time for new employees

  • Up to 75%

    increase in efficiency of leave management processes

  • Up to 60%

    fewer employee data breaches

Use cases the Yalantis AI-powered HR assistant covers

Leverage a customizable AI assistant to optimize employee management, streamline HR processes, and increase HR specialists’ productivity. Yalantis data experts have a proven track record of delivering AI assistants tailored to each client’s domain, company size, and level of digital maturity.

  • Re​su​me screening and applicant tracking

    • Automate initial screening of candidates’ CVs

    • Filter and rank associates’ re​su​mes based on tech

    • Track applicants’ statuses throughout the hiring process

  • Employee onboarding/offboarding

    • Provide associates with onboarding and offboarding checklists

    • Automate account setup for new employees

    • Notify new hires and associates leaving the company of the need to fill out paperwork

  • Benefits and policies information

    • Answer frequently asked questions (for example, about vacation balances, health insurance, and retirement plans)

    • Clarify company policies on remote work and travel reimbursements

    • Share handbooks, policies, and guides with employees

  • Training and development programs

    • Inform and remind employees about completing mandatory courses

    • Suggest relevant online/LMS courses for employees based on their job roles

    • Allow employees to track their training progress

  • Employee feedback and survey analysis

    • Receive and analyze responses from employee satisfaction surveys

    • Gather employees’ feedback and identify areas for improvement

  • Performance reviews

    • Organize and summarize associate performance reviews

    • Compile performance data to streamline employee evaluations

    • Remind managers and employees about upcoming performance reviews

Automate administrative HR tasks and boost HR department efficiency

Integrate a customizable AI assistant with existing systems to minimize manual tasks and human errors.

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Drive continuous improvement of employees’ skills and knowledge

Embed tailored learning opportunities for employees into your business workflows with our AI-powered system.

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How does your AI assistant ensure data security and privacy?

Yalantis AI Assistant ensures data security and privacy through various measures such as:

  • rigid access controls that ensure only company employees can use the assistant
  • adherence to industry-specific data protection laws, standards, and regulations such as HIPAA, the GDPR, and PCI DSS


Yalantis HR Assistant also encrypts sensitive information during transfer and storage, employs secure authentication methods, and regularly undergoes security audits to identify, prevent, and address software vulnerabilities. With our proprietary solution, all data and conversations are securely maintained within your data center, minimizing external data exposure. Additionally, the AI assistant doesn’t retain user data beyond what is required for its functionality.

What integrations are available with the AI Virtual Assistant?

The AI-powered assistant offers a wide range of integrations to enhance its functionality, provide advanced search capabilities, and increase its compatibility with various systems. Common integrations include:

  • HRM systems such as Workday, Oracle HCM, and SAP SuccessFactors
  • messaging platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • payroll systems such as Gusto and Namely
  • learning management systems (LMSs) like Moodle and Litmos
  • identity verification providers such as Keycloak, Google Workspace, and LDAP
  • calendars like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook


Additionally, Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant can integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, social media platforms, and custom APIs, allowing for seamless interaction with existing tools and workflows.

How can I integrate an AI assistant into my existing systems?

Integrating an AI chatbot into existing internal software systems can be achieved through a variety of methods depending on your business objectives, industry constraints, system specifics, and the technologies involved.

  • Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant provides APIs and SDKs that allow developers to integrate it into web applications, mobile apps, and other software solutions.
  • Additionally, Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant offers pre-built integrations with many popular business tools and services such as Microsoft Teams, simplifying the integration process.


Yalantis AI specialists can work closely with your in-house team to customize an AI assistant for HR tasks according to your unique requirements.

How can Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant improve the onboarding process for new employees?

The assistant can speed up the onboarding process for newcomers by providing instant access to essential information and resources, facilitating self-service, and answering common HR-related inquiries and questions in real time. It can guide new hires through the onboarding process step by step, delivering personalized welcome messages, providing access to training materials and company policies, and assisting with administrative tasks like filling out forms and setting up accounts.


By streamlining the onboarding experience and offering continuous support, the assistant helps new employees quickly adapt to the new work environment, reducing the time and effort required from HR staff.

What are the capabilities of Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant in managing HR admin tasks?

Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant can:

  • automate routine HR processes
  • quickly handle inquiries related to employee benefits and policies
  • assist newcomers with time-off requests and scheduling
  • facilitate performance reviews
  • notify and remind of HR-related tasks


Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant can also integrate with human resources management (HRM) systems and human resources information systems (HRIS) to access and update employee records, generate employee performance reports, and streamline recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding workflows. Additionally, an assistant can help with ensuring compliance by following HR policies and regulations and providing guidance on relevant compliance procedures.

Enlist support from an AI assistant to unburden your overloaded HR department

Choose the ready-made Yalantis AI Virtual Assistant that only needs to be customized and fine-tuned to meet your business needs and industry-specific requirements.

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