High load systems

    Ensure the stability, performance, and maintainability of your IT system under high load.

    • Design and implement a high-capacity and defect-tolerant architecture for your software ecosystem

    • Learn how your software handles increasingly high numbers of users and eliminate performance bottlenecks

    • Monitor your system performance and get comprehensive reports

    • Automate performance testing and engage it on a regular basis

    Services for improving system performance

    High load system implementation

    • Capacity planning
    • Performance evaluation of the cloud environment
    • Load simulation
    • Improvement recommendations
    • Post-implementation re-evaluation
    • Reporting and visualization

    All-around performance testing

    • Load testing
    • High-volume transaction testing
    • Varying stress testing
    • Scalability testing
    • Endurance testing
    • Crash testing
    • End-to-end and custom testing scenarios

    End-to-end performance optimization

    • Analysis of performance bottlenecks with improvement recommendations
    • Implementation of best-suited strategies and tech stack for top performance
    • Re-evaluation of system performance

    System performance monitoring

    • Visualization of detailed performance statistics via capacity dashboards
    • Client-side statistics like response time, HPS, throughput
    • Server-side statistics like CPU and memory usage, I/O and network usage

    Tools for performance testing and monitoring

    Performing various load testing operations

    • Jmeter

    • wrk/wrk2

    • k6

    • Gatling

    Collecting, aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and monitoring time series data

    • Grafana

    • InfluxDB

    • Amazon CloudWatch

    • Google Cloud Operations

    • Telegraf

    • New Relic

    Custom performance testing solutions

    • Load testing scripts

    • Load emulators

    We use many more tools for performance testing and monitoring than those listed above. Contact us to learn what else we have to offer.

    Approach to building high load systems

    • System performance audit

      Load testing

      Bottleneck discovery

    • Performance engineering strategy

      List of possible improvements

      Capacity planning

    • System performance optimization

      Infrastructure changes

      Architecture updates

    • System performance re-evaluation

      Regular performance tests and monitoring

      Further system support and upgrades

    High load system case studies

    Build a reliable and high-performing software system

    Implement a fault-tolerant architecture built on the principles of security, scalability, and modularity.

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