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Cybersecurity expertise

Ensure that all of your vital IT systems and data are intrusion-proof and fully compliant with the industry standards and regulations.

  • Assess your current security system and reinforce your existing security controls

  • Obtain real-time information on the security vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure

  • Build a secure architecture that ensures the protection of individual privacy

  • Ensure system compliance with the GDPR, HIPAA, and other local and industry requirements

Our software security and privacy services

Security and privacy by design

  • Our cybersecurity engineers will help you create a software product that ensures data privacy protection at all system levels, including architecture and user experience.

Secure software development lifecycle

  • To ensure top-level security, our OpSec team implements security best practices in your development processes and corporate values.

Continuous security controls and testing

  • We help you minimize system risks by implementing security controls and network security monitoring at all SDLC stages.

Post-release security support

  • We maintain the required level of security and data privacy with regular security audits and system component updates.

System vulnerability protection

  • Yalantis security experts manage interactions with the ethical hacker community through bug bounty programs and third-party penetration testing.

Regulatory compliance audit

  • We check your system for compliance with industry security requirements and provide a roadmap to ensure high information security standards.

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Our cyber protection approach

  • Data privacy best practices
  • Internal requirements
  • Security best practices
  • OWASP methodologies
  • Industry regulations (HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, etc.)
  • Security requirements elicitation
  • Secure architecture and design
  • Development and security testing
  • Secure deployment
  • Post-release security support

Benefits of our cybersecurity services for your business

Minimized risks for business continuity

  • By having a process for identifying potential security gaps and vulnerabilities before the release, you ensure successful business operations in the long run

Competitive advantage for your software

  • Ensuring privacy protections makes your product more attractive for clients and improves your customer retention

Compliance with ever-changing requirements

  • By holding regulatory audits, you can be sure that your system is designed and developed in compliance with industry requirements

System resilience and flexibility

  • With the proper security structure, your system remains flexible and cost-efficient for future modifications and security improvements

Benefit from our cybersecurity center of excellence

Engage our team of experienced security professionals and rely on our well-established processes to ensure your system’s resilience and regulatory compliance.

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