Monitor, analyze, improve: Essential security measures that run through all Yalantis systems

ISO meaning in business: Yalantis ISO certifications and what they mean for our clients


When evaluating potential software development partners, you likely want assurances that they will:

  • properly safeguard your intellectual property and confidential data
  • follow standardized processes to deliver quality projects
  • have strong privacy controls in place to responsibly handle personal data

At Yalantis, we acknowledge these concerns and are committed to ensuring information security, project quality, and data privacy. To this end, we are certified in globally recognized standards including ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 27701. These certifications demonstrate that Yalantis is a security-first software development company.

Read on to discover what each certification entails and how together they enable us to deliver secure, high-quality, and compliant solutions to customers across industries. Short on time? Download a condensed PDF version.

Get essential insights on key ISO certifications for a security-centric software company.

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    ISO in business: What does partnering with an ISO-certified company mean?

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, international body that guides businesses in adopting secure, sustainable, and ethical practices. It brings together experts from around the world who:

    • analyze current practices and needs in various industries
    • identify gaps, risks, and opportunities for improvement in meeting quality, security, and efficiency goals
    • establish standards that address real-world requirements for high-quality and safe products, services, and systems globally

    When a company lacks ISO certification, you can’t be certain about its level of quality, security, and regulatory compliance. Partnering with non-certified technology companies may pose risks due to unreliable security measures related to data storage and management.

    Meanwhile, enlisting the services of an ISO-certified company like Yalantis means you can be confident that your service provider meets rigorous international benchmarks for quality, security, and privacy. ISO certification also signifies a company’s adherence to the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) continuous improvement principle that is integral to ISO standards.

    In the following section, we delve into ISO certifications Yalantis holds and how they improve your service quality.

    Yalantis ISO certifications and their impact on our service offerings

    Yalantis is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards, and in 2023 we achieved another key certification — ISO/IEC 27701:2019.

    1. ISO 9001 ensures project quality, demonstrating our dedication to meeting customer expectations and providing exceptional project outcomes.
    2. ISO 27001 validates overall information security maturity, assuring both current and potential clients that we adhere to and implement top-tier security processes.
    3. ISO 27701 verifies responsible data privacy practices. It’s an ISO 27001 extension focused on data privacy.

    ISO 9001: Quality management system certification

    ISO 9001 sets international standards, guiding companies to establish strong quality management systems. An ISO 9001 audit focuses on assessing the following:

    • Customer focus — alignment of processes with customer needs to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty
    • Process approach — viewing activities as interconnected processes, not isolated tasks
    • Leadership commitment — establishing quality policies, setting objectives, and engaging all employees
    • Continuous improvement — regularly reviewing processes and implementing changes for service quality enhancement
    • Evidence-based decision making
    • Management of relationships with external parties, including suppliers and stakeholders
    • Compliance with relevant industry laws and standards

    In preparing our own quality management system, the Yalantis team defined key business processes to monitor, analyze, and improve. Employing the PDCA principle — a cycle for ongoing enhancement — ensures that all company activities are planned, organized, executed, analyzed, and refined in a continuous cycle:

    Project quality guarantees from Yalantis, confirmed by an ISO 9001 audit

    As an ISO 9001–certified software engineering company, Yalantis ensures clients that:

    • our business processes undergo continuous monitoring, analysis, and improvement to meet industry standards and evolving client objectives
    • the development lifecycle aligns with client needs, validating functionality against requirements
    • requirements are gathered up front through interviews, workshops, and documentation review
    • knowledge bases are documented and updated consistently to facilitate knowledge transfer and reduce reliance on individual expertise
    • changes in the project scope are managed through a defined change control process to minimize disruption
    • progress is tracked using key performance indicators for timelines, budget, quality, and satisfaction
    • we identify and manage potential risks that could affect product or service quality, such as budget overruns or skills gaps
    • we run regular internal audits of QMS procedures and documentation to monitor conformity and identify areas for improvement


    ISO 27001: Information security management certification

    A successful ISO 27001 audit confirms a company’s dedication to information security, ensuring stakeholders that their information assets are well-protected.

    The audit assesses:

    • ISMS coverage of risk management, access control, security awareness, incident response, and business continuity
    • documentation and maintenance of ISMS policies, procedures, and risk assessments
    • adequacy and effectiveness of security controls
    • the leadership’s commitment to information security (e.g., their involvement in the information security management system development, resource allocation, and communication of security policies)
    • the continuous improvement process for identifying and addressing non-conformities and implementing corrective actions

    When setting up our ISMS system, Yalantis prioritized information security throughout all company processes and solution development. Both clients and employees benefit as information remains secured, all actions are well-considered, and security practices consistently improve following the PDCA cycle:

    Security guarantees from Yalantis, confirmed by an ISO 27001 audit

    As an ISO 27001–certified software engineering company, Yalantis assures clients that we:

    • maintain enterprise-grade information security controls for confidentiality, integrity, and system/data availability, such as access controls, encryption, and monitoring
    • conduct risk assessments to identify emerging threats and vulnerabilities to information assets
    • put incident response plans in place to quickly contain and recover from any potential breach
    • manage third-party service providers and secure supplier relationships
    • implement personnel security measures like security awareness training
    • conduct internal ISMS audits at planned intervals to ensure conformity to requirements

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    ISO 27701: Privacy information management certification

    Ensuring privacy is vital in today’s business landscape, and Yalantis aligns with this global priority. To secure the privacy of our clients and associates, we’ve achieved ISO/IEC 27701 certification.

    An ISO 27701 audit assesses the effectiveness of an organization’s privacy information management system in protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and ensuring compliance with the ISO 27701 standard, which references various data protection regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Here are the key areas an ISO 27701 audit focuses on:

    • Seamless integration of PIMS with the existing ISMS
    • Assessing privacy risks (potential threats and vulnerabilities to PII) and controls
    • The company’s procedures for ensuring data subject rights, such as access, rectification, erasure, and restriction of data processing
    • Data processing agreements with any third-party vendors handling PII
    • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of PIMS, including data breach incident responses, privacy incident management, and continual improvement initiatives

    With Yalantis’ ISO 27701–certified PIMS system, those who share personal data with us — clients, associates, and vendors — can rest assured that it remains confidential. Our data privacy methods undergo continual monitoring, analysis, and enhancement in line with the PDCA cycle:

    Data privacy guarantees from Yalantis, confirmed by an ISO 27701 audit

    As an ISO 27701–certified software engineering company, Yalantis assures its clients of:

    • our commitment to respecting data protection laws and ethical data handling
    • implementation of data privacy controls and compliance with regulations like the GDPR for proper handling of personal data
    • establishing clear agreements with third-party processors to ensure compliance with privacy requirements
    • equipping our teams to support compliance mandates related to managing client information
    • monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of privacy controls and the overall privacy information management system

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    Monitor, analyze, improve: Essential security measures that run through all Yalantis systems

    Last but not least, Yalantis embraces the principle of continuous improvement, which extends beyond ISO-mandated requirements. Our commitment involves thorough inspections across all our systems. For instance, we:

    • implement a foundational risk assessment approach, ensuring ongoing analysis of vulnerabilities and potential threats due to the introduction of new systems or vendors
    • conduct internal audits of our systems’ functionality, engaging external suppliers (hired vendors) in the process
    • regularly review and update our policies and procedures to align with evolving best practices
    • maintain robust access controls and monitoring to detect unauthorized changes across systems
    • provide regular training to employees at all levels on security protocols, privacy practices, and quality processes to reinforce best practices

    By constantly evaluating and enhancing our systems and processes, we aim to provide the highest level of security and reliability for both our clients and teams.

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    What does ISO stand for in business?

    ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It provides globally recognized standards that businesses can voluntarily certify themselves in to demonstrate excellence, build trust, and ease market access. ISO compliance in business is very common for companies focused on international trade, quality assurance, and operational efficiency.


    By “what is an ISO in business?”, we usually mean an ISO certification, which a business receives upon being certified according to a specific ISO standard. Well-known business ISO standards include ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 27001 for information security management.

    What standards, laws, and regulations does Yalantis comply with?

    As a software developer, Yalantis creates solutions for global clients, tailoring them to meet industry requirements. For example, for healthcare projects, we’ve ensured compliance with HIPAA, CFR, the GDPR, FHIR, and HL7 and even helped clients obtain ONC Health IT certification. In FinTech, we prioritize compliance with PCI-DSS, PSD2, SOC2, and the GDPR.

    How does Yalantis ensure product security?

    Our software development company is certified to meet globally renowned business ISO standards. We hold ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certifications, which signify our adherence to the best quality, security, and data privacy practices.

    • ISO 9001 certification ensures our software engineering services align with client, employee, and regulatory needs, featuring established processes for ongoing performance enhancement.
    • ISO 27001 certification validates that we prioritize security while developing software solutions and continuously refine our information security management system.
    • ISO 27701 certification demonstrates our commitment to robust controls for safeguarding personal data, upholding the highest data privacy standards in our software development processes.

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