Cloud and DevOps solutions

    Optimize your infrastructure, operations, and premises, ensure a smooth transition to a cloud infrastructure, minimize risks and downtime, and reduce costs on the way to meeting your business objectives.

    • Reduce your production spending by maximizing use of your cloud capabilities

    • Adopt a DevOps culture and obtain the agility to meet new market demands

    • Detect cloud security risks and get an action plan to protect your system

    • Assess cloud or on-premises infrastructure and migration readiness

    • Develop a cloud strategy and roadmap for your cloud transformation

    • Perform a full or partial cloud migration of your software solution

    Our cloud development and consulting services

    Cloud cost optimization

    • Our expert team will assess your current infrastructure, discover resources that are overprovisioned or underused, and provide recommendations for optimizing your cloud expenses.

    Cloud software re-architecting

    • We will enhance your system’s scalability and performance by switching from a monolithic to a clustered microservices architecture and exposing your software functions via APIs for your business expansion.

    Cloud-native development

    • Yalantis experts will speed up your software development and deployment by making infrastructure management effortless with automated solutions for networks, servers, operating systems, etc.

    Cloud security assurance

    • Our team will mitigate system vulnerabilities, elaborate a disaster recovery plan, apply data loss prevention solutions, implement a tiered access system, and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Cloud migration preparation

    • Our cloud specialists will evaluate your current software infrastructure and prepare an action plan for accelerated cloud implementation.

    Cloud migration

    • We will help you turn your system into cloud-based software that is cost-effective, secure, and compliant — and that has a resilient cloud architecture and design.

    Need assistance migrating to the cloud environment? Ensure the optimal use of your cloud capabilities and meet your crucial business objectives.

    Unlock your cloud potential

    Benefits of our cloud services

    Reduce support and maintenance costs

    • Having configured your infrastructure to use capacity cost-effectively and automate management, you’ll save time and resources to improve your value delivery.

    Continuous and stable releases

    • Using our continuous integration and delivery solutions, you will obtain stable, regular, and smooth releases with minimal downtime and no production interruptions.

    Advanced recovery mechanisms

    • Implementing advanced technology for archiving and backing up data, you’ll be able to seamlessly restore your data in case of loss or corruption.

    Cloud and DevOps center of excellence

    • With Yalantis, you also get access to a result-oriented team of cloud and DevOps experts, proven methodologies, tools, and accelerators for successful cloud adoption.

    Our cloud development technology stack

    Operating system

  1. Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)

  2. MS Windows Family Server 2003-2012

  3. Virtualization

  4. VMware

  5. Proxmox

  6. DBMS

  7. MySQL

  8. MariaDB

  9. PostgreSQL

  10. Percona

  11. Oracle DB

  12. ProxySQL

  13. NoSQL

  14. HBase

  15. MongoDB

  16. Redis

  17. Ignite

  18. Clickhouse

  19. ElasticSearch

  20. Cloud computing services

  21. AWS

  22. GCP

  23. Azure

  24. Oracle Cloud

  25. DigitalOcean

  26. CI/CD

  27. Gitlab CI

  28. Jenkins

  29. TeamCity

  30. CodeBuild

  31. IaC

  32. Ansible

  33. Terraform

  34. CloudFormation

  35. Orchestration

  36. Rancher

  37. Kubernetes

  38. K8S

  39. ECS

  40. Chef

  41. Dokku

  42. OpenShift

  43. Containerization

  44. Docker

  45. Docker-compose

  46. Docker registry

  47. Web Servers

  48. Nginx

  49. Apache

  50. Tomcat

  51. Monitoring

  52. TIG

  53. Nagios

  54. Cloudwatch

  55. Newrelic

  56. Datadog

  57. Zabbix

  58. ELK

  59. Prometheus

  60. Version Control Systems

  61. BitBucket

  62. GitHub

  63. GitLab

  64. SVN

  65. Code Audit Tools

  66. SonarQube

  67. Big Data

  68. Hadoop

  69. Hortonworks (HDP+HDF)

  70. Other

  71. OpenVPN

  72. Kafka

  73. ETL

  74. NiFi

  75. Need services that aren’t listed? Contact our experts to learn what else we can offer to meet your cloud software and business objectives.

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    Cloud and DevOps solutions for your business goals

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