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About the event

  • When: November 15th, 2023
  • What time: 10 AM PST
  • Where: Online

Yalantis is holding an online event dedicated to the digital transformation of healthcare organizations. Attending this event will be an insightful opportunity for hospital networks, healthcare ISVs, startups, and anyone interested in healthcare digital innovations.


Our speakers will delve into the following healthcare-related topics:

  • How to make balanced IT decisions and effectively decide between custom vs ready-made healthcare solutions
  • Why the concept behind buying or building healthcare digital products is more complex than it seems
  • How new unified digital patient solutions can improve patient experiences and lead to better health outcomes
  • How unified patient/consumer engagement revolutionizes patient journeys, integrating care digitally and traditionally throughout your organization
  • Why healthcare’s trajectory is anchored in the internet economy
  • How the all-in-one unified patient engagement platform establishes a technological barrier nearly impossible to duplicate without a complete reset
  • How to enable end-to-end digital healthcare services and become an enterprise of excellence
  • What healthcare organizations can do to successfully unite business and technology
  • The seven dynamic success factors of a digital healthcare organization, including vision, alignment, relationships, leadership, transparency, agility, and customer intimacy


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