Register for the new FinTech online event from Yalantis – ‘Revolutionizing customer support and HR workflows with GPT chatbots’. Gain insights into the current situation of AI adoption in banking and the risks and opportunities it opens up.

Yalantis online event: Revolutionizing customer support and HR workflows with GPT chatbots


About the event

  • When: December 11th, 2023
  • What time: 5PM CET
  • Where: Online

Yalantis is hosting a new FinTech event where you’ll have the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the progress of GPT chatbot adoption in the banking sector. This event will be beneficial for COOs, CPOs, CLOs, CXOs, Heads of HR, Heads of Customer Support, Digital Transformation Officers, and Training and Development managers seeking ways to optimize and improve the efficiency of internal processes and communication within international teams.

Our speakers will:

  • Provide insights into the latest AI trends shaping the banking industry
  • Uncover how European banks adopt AI toolsets to facilitate Employee Journey Map (EJM), develop strategies to minimize turnover rate, and break communication barrier in multicultural environments
  • Reveal practical use cases for implementing GPT chatbots in the banking sector
  • Delve you into the technological landscape for building AI innovation
  • Expose current security, integration, and compliance challenges
  • Demonstrate the Yalantis accelerator for AI-powered digital assistant delivery in action through a live demo, showcasing the prototype’s capabilities and how it can streamline and automate various banking processes
  • Open the value of Yalantis AI accelerator for various use cases in HR management processes and customer support operations


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