Get insights from Yalantis experts at the AI and ML event in Warsaw, Poland.

From AI history and use cases to practical implementation: A brief recap of Yalantis’ offline AI and ML event


On June 13, 2023, Yalantis hosted a knowledge-sharing event in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss the latest AI and ML technologies. More than 70 attendees listened to four top-notch speakers from Yalantis. Let’s look at a quick overview of each presentation.

How AI and ML disrupt businesses of all sizes

Denys Doronin, our Chief Technology Officer, covered a brief history of AI and ML evolution and how each type of business can benefit from implementing AI and ML. Given a limited number of resources, small businesses can benefit from launching a niche AI solution to win the market. Midsize businesses may already have many interconnected systems and lots of data sets, and they can use AI/ML for scaling. Large enterprises, in turn, can use AI/ML to improve their operations at the departmental level.

Data is the new precious metal of the 21st century. If you, as a business representative, know how to use your data most effectively using ML and AI, then you can get it all: a competitive advantage, automation, increased business efficiency, and much more.

Denys Doronin, Chief Technology Officer

ML use cases

In his interactive presentation, Serhii Zhuravel, our Director of Engineering, explained that ML comprises algorithms fed with structured data to perform tasks that aren’t rule-based with much higher accuracy than humans. Serhii also pointed out that when working on ML projects, we first need to clearly define the problem to solve. Only then can we integrate a suitable ML model, refine it if the initial solution was incorrect, and monitor the model for consistently correct results.

Clients may have data with which they want to teach a neural network to solve certain practical tasks. But it may turn out that the data is labeled incorrectly or is too specific. That’s why we need to carry out a feasibility study to define if the collected data is fitting to implement an ML model.

Serhii Zhuravel, Director of Engineering

Architecture design techniques to build corporate ML chatbots 

The next speaker was Maksym Moskvychev, our Head of Architecture Design Office. Maksym’s speech focused on a Yalantis ML project. With the help of ChatGPT, Yalantis built a website chatbot for prospective clients and a Slack chatbot to help the sales team quickly find relevant case studies and articles. Maksym’s team needed to define which components to develop from scratch and which existing solutions could be used. To deliver optimal products, the team used The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) approach and architectural tradeoff analysis.

To start this project, we developed an architectural vision first, which means transforming the client’s requirements into clear statements to make it easier for us to work on the project.

Maksym Moskvychev, Head of Architecture Design Office

AI and ML advancements and trends in IoT software projects

Denys Hukov, our Program and Delivery Manager, discussed the benefits and opportunities of adopting AI and ML in the IoT domain. Key benefits range from processing large data sets that numerous IoT devices generate in real time to efficiently detecting operational anomalies and enhancing predictive maintenance. Denys also covered a few success stories of IoT companies implementing AI, such as the Polish company Bin-e, which offers smart AI-based waste bins; and Google’s Waymo Via project, which provides self-driving trucks.

What’s next with AI and ML solutions? No one actually knows. Personally, I see the future of IoT in using AI-/ML-enhanced edge computing and visual recognition to support quick and automated decision-making.

Denys Hukov, Program and Delivery Manager

Stay tuned for more upcoming online and offline events from the Yalantis team on technology and business topics. You can learn about new events on our company’s social media pages, including on LinkedIn.

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