Payment functionality implementation

Learn how we helped our client implement P2P and ACH payments in their neobanking platform to improve the user experience and user engagement, increase the client’s revenue, and expand the client’s customer base.

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    5 IT experts

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    1 month

About the client

Our client is a US-based neobank that recently launched their digital banking application. Yalantis developed the application from scratch.

Business context

Our client had limited financial resources and needed to prioritize users’ needs for the grand launch. They decided to deploy an MVP version to gather users’ feedback. The first release aimed to provide beta testers with essential payment functionality. To achieve this, our client’s objectives were to implement P2P payments and ensure a seamless and error-free payment experience.

During MVP beta testing, users voiced their need for interbank transfers. At the time, they had to use terminals or third-party services like Venmo or PayPal to transfer money to external bank accounts. To provide users with a cohesive payment experience, the client requested two additional features for the second release:

  • ACH payments
  • Instant ACH payments

Solution overview

  • Release #1: Implementing P2P payments

    What we’ve done to enable P2P payments in the MVP version: 

    • BaaS integration for P2P payments. Yalantis specialists integrated the client’s platform with Unit for instant payments.
    • Split payment implementation for group payments in restaurants, combined taxi rides, and similar cases. This increased revenue for our client due to a greater number of interchange fees.
    • User experience for easy payments. We designed user flows and optimized user interfaces for convenient payments with minimal clicks and screens. We used the Yalanits UI library of ready-made components to reduce development costs and time.


    Release #2: Implementing ACH payments

    To implement ACH payments, we did the following: 

    • Enabled ACH payment transactions. We integrated with the Plaid multi-purpose finance platform to enable ACH payments between external accounts. We also used Unit to implement same-day ACH payments so users don’t need to wait for five days until money reaches their account.
    • Designed business logic. We designed a flow where users can initiate ACH payments that involves creating accounts through which interbank payments will occur, initiating the transfers themselves, and receiving confirmation.
    • Implemented fraud prevention. We designed customizable anti-fraud transaction rules that can be modified through the admin panel. Thanks to these rules, we managed to decrease fraudulent activity by 40%.
    • Optimized the UI/UX design. Our UX designers used the Yalantis UI library of ready-made components to design a user-centric and effortless ACH transaction flow.
  • Testing

    To make sure that the payment functionality worked as expected before deploying it to a wide audience and to make sure that it complied with regulatory requirements, our team conducted:

    • Functional testing
    • Security testing
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Performance testing
    • Compliance testing 

Value delivered

  • Increased user engagement. By offering both P2P and ACH functionality, our client provided a more comprehensive suite of financial services to their users, increasing engagement and loyalty.

  • Extended customer base. As soon as we launched ACH payments, our client experienced an influx of new customers who needed to perform daily interbank payments.

  • Elevated revenue. Our client started generating more revenue with same-day ACH transactions.

  • Improved user experience. P2P and ACH payments offered users a convenient and streamlined payment experience, allowing them to initiate transactions quickly and easily and avoid spending time at the terminal.


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