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    Yalantis Quality Policy

    Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of the Yalantis services in compliance with the global regulations and standards.

  1. For our customers, quality is the ability to rely on our services that fully meet their needs and specifications.

  2. For our partners, quality is our commitment to fulfilling the customer requirements and ensuring that our work is fault-tolerant by design and in use.

  3. For regulatory authorities, quality is that we follow the highest ethical standards and regulatory requirements in all our operations.

  4. For us, quality is pursuing the culture of constant improvement thanks to the Yalantis quality system.

  5. Who we are

    Yalantis is a trusted software engineering and IT consulting company. We work to accelerate your innovation, streamline value delivery, and secure sustainability for our respective clients. Helping businesses of supply chain management, FinTech, healthcare, real estate, and other industries, we build top-quality custom solutions that are scalable, stable, resilient, and fully-functional.

    Management team

    We are an egalitarian company which means that every member of our management board regularly engages in the communication with the Yalantis clients and employees. So every of our respective clients receives strategic oversight, special care, and complete immersion into the specifics of the client’s project and business.

    International presence

    We’re constantly expanding our presence in the IT outsourcing market. And to meet our clients’ needs in collaboration with Yalantis, we’re opening new development centers and hubs in Ukraine and other European countries like Cyprus, Estonia, and Poland.

    People excellence

    Yalantis experts continuously work to improve their performance and skill sets. This is possible through:

  6. Individual development plans and clear career paths;

  7. Mentorship and support from experienced colleagues;

  8. Regular performance reviews and raises based on performance results;

  9. Training courses at Y-niversity and participation in professional conferences.

  10. Corporate social responsibility

    Yalantis creates software products in collaboration with local governments and engages in volunteer work and charitable activities.

    Human rights and labor practices

  11. Equal opportunities for applicants and employees of all genders and nationalities

  12. Work environment based on mutual cooperation, assistance, and respect

  13. Community support and empowerment

  14. Honorable membership in the Ukraine IT community

  15. Collaboration with local businesses and authorities to foster improvement in the global IT environment

  16. Talent development and IT education

  17. Computerization of public educational institutions

  18. Partnerships with local universities and institutes to improve the quality of IT education

  19. Environmental sustainability

  20. Sorting and recycling of waste and engagement in regular eco cleanups (received the president of Estonia to collaborate on the World Cleanup Day)

  21. Promotion of eco-friendly transport

  22. Charitable Activities

  23. Fundraising for local child care homes and humane societies

  24. Support for organizations helping people with disabilities and special needs

  25. Corporate volunteering

  26. Contributions of time, knowledge, and experience to support local non-profit organizations

  27. Donations to fund healthcare, environmental protection, and educational initiatives

  28. Industry contribution

    Sharing knowledge and experience with others is a vital part of our company’s life. We heavily invest in the development of the local IT communities via special training programs and IT events.


    To fully and stably satisfy our clients needs for professional development and IT consulting, we are in constant need of software experts with great technical and excellent soft skills. Those who have inquiring minds and search for continuous improvement of their knowledge are definitely welcome at Yalantis.