Register for the upcoming free online event from Yalantis ‘Up to Data: Data and BI in Food Retail and Manufacturing.' Learn the value of advanced data and business intelligence capabilities from industry experts.

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About the event

When: March 26th, 2024

What time: 5 PM CET (11 AM EST)

Where: Online

Yalantis is hosting a webinar, where you’ll learn all about data-driven decision-making for retailers and manufacturers in the food industry.

The event is tailored for business executives (CTOs, CEOs, Chief Data Officers, Directors of Data Engineering, CIOs, COOs, etc.) who want to:

  • optimize supply chain operations
  • increase sales
  • understand changing consumer behavior
  • acquire new customers
  • expand into new segments/regions

Our speakers will tap into the value of business intelligence (BI) capabilities. Specifically, they will:

  • explain the business benefits of a data-driven culture, enabling food companies to respond quickly to changing market conditions and consumer demands
  • detail the initial assessment phase in the data adoption roadmap
  • outline the optimal modern technology stack for building responsive data analytics solutions
  • provide 5 essential, metrics-based steps for initiating successful data-driven change
  • help attendees evaluate their organization’s current data strengths, weaknesses, and improvement areas
  • provide examples from Yalantis experience of overcoming common data challenges faced by food companies


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