Register for the upcoming webinar by Yalantis 'From spreadsheets to AI optimized promo: Increasing sales with automated workflows.' Learn about data-driven trade promotion management (TPM) strategies for boosting sales in the CPG sector.

Yalantis online event. From spreadsheets to AI optimized promo: Increasing sales with automated workflows


About the event

When: May 28th, 2024
What time: 5 PM CET (11 am EST)
Where: Online

Join Yalantis for an upcoming webinar on how data and AI power smarter trade promotions — no more relying on manual spreadsheets and acting on guesswork.

The event is perfect for executive stakeholders from the consumer goods industry. This includes CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs, Marketing Directors/Managers, Inventory Managers, and Supply Chain Managers who want to know more about:

  • using historical data to optimize promotions
  • automating trade promotion management (TPM) with AI
  • transitioning from manual, spreadsheet-driven to automated processes
  • increasing sales and revenue through promotions that use internal and external data

Our speakers will share practical insights on sales optimization and the pillars of a data strategy towards AI-powered trade promotion optimization (TPO). They will provide a roadmap for data self-assessment, Yalantis’ vision of an integrated data-driven TPM platform, and demonstrate the platform’s capabilities.



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