Delve into the first episode of the Yalantis IT podcast series featuring our client Toyota Tsusho, talking about sustainability in the supply chain.

Exclusive interview with Toyota Tsusho about serving sustainability in the supply chain


Yalantis has launched its own IT podcast series. We decided that our first guest should be significant enough to earn your applause. So, please welcome Taichi Nagakubo, Chief Operating Officer and Product Owner at Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (TTMI). Together, we discussed the following topics, popular within the IoT community:

  • Why is sustainability in the supply chain so important
  • IIoT components Toyota Tsusho Mobility Informatics (TTMI) integrates to serve the sustainability needs in the supply chain 
  • How the advanced technologies developed by TTMI enable businesses to establish a value chain for a long-term relationship with customers
  • How TTMI assure data quality
  • How TTMI balances the performance and cost-efficiency
  • Examples of the optimisation solutions built by TTMI
  • Challenges that TTMI faced when developing and implementing advanced technologies in the realm of sustainability
  • TTMI’s recommendations for businesses going digital
  • How TTMI ensures a feedback loop with its clients, enabling continuous improvement and adaptation of its technologies
  • Mr. Taichi’s vision of the IoT for the future


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