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  • Brainstorm

  • Organize

  • Design

Pretty & powerful

Our portfolio includes huge projects that needed massive design overhaul as well as minor cooperations with companies that wanted to slightly improve the logic and look of their products.


Talos is a brand-new workout tracking ecosystem that uses sensors and NFC technology to track all activity within the gym. Our studio were challenged to build a strong and simple user interface and user experience for the most important part of this ecosystem — the Android application.

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eMentoring is a digital platform that connects refugees who have immigrated to Europe with local mentors. Our task was to redesign the platform, as old design solutions no longer met the requirements.

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Connect Home

ConnectHome is a company that manufactures smart home accessories — lights, switches, cameras, and more. Our firm helped the company design a mobile app that lets their customers manage smart ConnectHome devices and stay informed about what’s happening around their property even when they’re far away from home.

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We do this work

    • Interactive Prototypes

      Almost like the real product, a prototype is great for getting early feedback, beta testing, and even selling your app idea.

    • Brand Identity

      We express your brand’s vision with a cohesive product style spanning your logo, icons, and color scheme.

    • UI Design

      We design user interfaces for mobile and web apps that are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing.

    • UX Design

      We use a number of techniques to gain insights into how to solve problems and fascinate customers.

Design process explained

  • Hello

    At this stage, we get to know our client and their project. We discuss our client’s backstory, the idea behind their product, the product’s basic features, product positioning, target audience, and desired results.

  • Research

    We carefully study project documentation, talk more to our client, and conduct thorough market and competitor research. We gather and organize all possible information that may be needed when building the product.

  • Sketching

    We search for and prepare UI references and create moodboards. The client then gives their feedback as to what they like and what they want to change so we know which way to go. After that, we create the very first concepts. Usually these are one or two screens demonstrating some of the app’s UI and functionality.

  • Designing UI

    Now we design the actual UI. We draw screens and create animated prototypes to mimic user interactions and demonstrate the app’s logic. This way, our client can test the interface before the actual app is developed.

  • Delivery

    At the very end, the whole UI, approved by a client, is uploaded to a project folder in Zeplin for further collaboration with developers.

Cool enough to invent

We masterfully distribute our inspiration between inventing new stuff and developing your projects. The app concepts we create aim to solve inefficiencies we spot in real products. Sometimes, however, we design just for fun.

Workout Book

Our workout tracking app concept to record personal exercise routines was featured on App Design Served, on Behance, in the article “Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of August 2015” by Proto.io, and in the book UI Graphics from BNN, Inc. International publications, one of the largest art and design publications in Japan.

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import UIKit import GLKit   public class StarWarsGLAnimator: NSObject,UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning {    public var duration: NSTimeInterval = 2 public var spriteWidth: CGFloat = 8    

Star Wars Animation

Our Star Wars UI animation was inspired by... well, Star Wars. We visualized Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker to create a unique solution for a standard switch. We then built this animation for iOS and Android. We used OpenGL to crumble the view into tiny pieces.

See it on GitHub

Multiselection Solution

Our Multiselection Solution for Android was designed to improve the way multi-selection is done on mobile. The solution lets you see and manage selected items without having to leave the current view.

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Our workout tracking app concept to record personal exercise routines was featured on App Design Served, on Behance, in the article “Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs of August 2015” by Proto.io, and in the book UI Graphics from BNN, Inc. International publications, one of the largest art and design publications in Japan.

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Design gurus

Excellent technical skills, a commitment to quality, and a desire to build lasting relationships — it’s why our clients stay with us.

  • Anatolii Nesterov

    Design team lead

    Being in UI/UX design for more than eight years, Anatolii believes that his mission as a product and interaction designer is to make complex things as simple and intuitive as possible. He actively broadcasts this message to his team. Carefully supervising each designer on his team, Anatolii works to improve Yalantis design processes and increase overall customer satisfaction.

  • Dima Panchenko

    UI/UX designer

    Dmitry is a UX/UI design expert whose motto is that an interface must be simple and speak for itself. When creating UX solutions, Dmitry first of all thinks about the benefits the end user will get. Scrupulous about details, Dmitry brings elegance and a clean look to each of his projects. Dmitry believes that good design should be present in everyday life, from buildings to furniture to clothes.

  • George Apakhov

    UI/UX designer

    George is a senior product designer with years of experience building interfaces for digital products of varying complexity. With his careful attention to the smallest details, George creates usable yet stunning digital solutions that users simply fall in love with. George is also actively involved in improving Yalantis design processes.

  • Alexander Svizhenko

    UI/UX designer

    Alex has practiced photography for as long as he can remember and masterfully applies his knowledge of color and composition to the interfaces he designs. He believes that creating modern digital products is impossible without knowing patterns of user behavior and psychology. Armed with this knowledge, Alex crafts effective interfaces that people want to use.

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