Learn how to effectively assess your solution's architecture and identify areas that require modernization at the Yalantis IoT event. Discover strategies to reduce costs, open new revenue streams, and implement innovative monetization models.

Yalantis online event. IoT software evolution: evolving products, boosting revenue, and reducing operational costs


About the event

  • When: December 14th, 2023
  • What time: 6PM CET
  • Where: Online

On December 14th, Yalantis will be hosting an event focused on IoT software evolution and the groundbreaking developments in creating IoT-based products that contribute to boosting revenue and reducing operational costs. This event is tailored for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, CPOs, CHOs, Heads of R&D Departments, Directors and VPs of Engineering, VPs of Product, Tech Leads, Product Managers and Directors, and Hardware Department Leads who play a key role in:

  • IoT startups
  • established business 
  • IoT devices manufacturers

Our speakers will: 

  • Explain the impact and the value from the properly-conducted architecture assessment in IoT software product development and for legacy systems
  • Disclose Yalantis’ capabilities and best practices in performing architecture assessments
  • Provide details on processes and structure in performing architecture assessments
  • Supply hardware vendors with strategies for monetizing their software  
  • Present the general approaches and types of software built around proprietary hardware devices
  • Explore the examples of client-facing, community-facing, and internal software solutions
  • Share insights from a practical case of a long-term software-hardware program

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