How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS/Android App

When there is a customer on the horizon, the question "how much does it cost to make an iPhone / iPad app or Android app?" is sure to come up in the forefront. But the answer would at least need a rough estimate of the project.

Imagine you want to make repairment in your flat and ask the repairmen how much. Until they take a look at your dwelling to identify the scope of work I bet they won’t be ready to send you the exact bill.

Without an estimate it's hard to imagine how many hours an iOS or an Android developer would need to spend. Our previous article 'how much does it cost to develop an app' gives a fuller and a more general picture the cost and what it depends on.

Should you wonder about app design, check out our article that gives the answer to 'how much does it cost to design an app'.

In this article we decided to focus more on the actual average cost to build an iPhone app and an app for Android and whether there is any difference between iOS and Android platforms in terms of time and money.

iPhone, iPad, Android app development costs

iPhone and Android app development costs around the world

When people think about mobile app development in terms of quality and costs, one of those items usually carries a bigger weight of priority compared to the other one. If we follow a common way of thinking, a decision-making process about which company to turn to somehow leads to the map.

We typically distinguish the following countries: the USA, the UK, India and Ukraine. It should be noted that the only thing we’d like to compare here is pricing. As for the quality of the services being provided in those countries, we wouldn’t like to judge anything unless it refers to our own services. Simply because stereotypes do not always work and in a nutshell — it depends.

— The average cost to build an iPhone app in the US and the UK-based companies is $10k-$50k and up to $80k for a complex enterprise solutions. Apps like Twitterrific, Uber and other high end iPhone or Android applications produced in the States require $200k+ out of your wallet.

— In Ukraine the average hourly rate is typically three times less than that in the US and therefore your iPhone app's total price will differ significantly. The same goes for Android app development cost.

— India is popular for really low prices on development. For example, you can find a freelance iOS programmer for $10 an hour.

Now while you are thinking whether a mobile product is actually worth all that money, we will continue speaking about size.

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App development cost depends on the size of the project

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone, iPad, or Android app? 

The size of the project has a defining value as long as the rate and the time are tied together in one bundle. Usually by size we mean functionality or business logic. Besides, the process of development might surely include:

  • design with animation
  • prototyping
  • unique custom solutions that require technical research
  • unexpected outcomes and changes that the process will likely be experiencing along the way.

According to our most frequent projects estimates:

  • simpleiPhone / Android app with basic functionality usually takes up to two months to build and demands about $5k-$10k
  • more complexapp that would need more than two months of development will end up costing you about $12k-$24k
  • high complexityiPad, iPhone or Android apps with extensive database (by the way we can also provide a backend developer), enterprise level or brand can last for more than six months and require accordingly $30k-$50k.

Typically the first app to develop has got to be for iPhone. Android comes next

With the growth of Android operation system and quick proliferation of the devices all over the world, this market is becoming more attractive for developers. From our experience, customers still tend to opt for iOS app first. However, the next step bound to be taken is searching for market opportunities on Google Play.

The obvious reason for choosing iPhone / iPad app first is that Apple App Store makes more money for a programmer than Google Play. Just because iPhone users seem to be more willing to spend money on apps rather than the owners of Android devices, it doesn’t mean that this will work as well for your particular idea.

Does Android development price differ from the price of apps built for iOS platform?

The truth about apps manufacturing is that Android development cost equals iPhone development cost. The only thing is, Android devices and screen sizes make this environment harder to work in and, therefore, might take a bit longer to develop for.

At the stage of the project estimate, we inquire what devices and OS should the Android app support. If there is a need to develop a product for the older versions of Android operation system as well as iOS, the price of the whole project will obviously be higher.

To conclude the whole significance of this 'how much does it cost' article, my point is that you can compare the average prices forever, but your particular app must pass the estimate first and only after that you will get the understanding of how much and what for.

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