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IoT software solutions

Add value to the IoT data you collect, ensure efficient troubleshooting, and make your devices even smarter with a meaningful solution on top of your IoT infrastructure.
Possible use cases
Make your IoT data work for all user groups with an enterprise-grade web platform or a consumer mobile app featuring IoT data visualization and smart analytics
Ensure that your IoT data can get into existing enterprise BI platforms and data silos via seamless integrations to guarantee efficient adoption of all new IoT projects
Engage smart IoT networking for admin teams to deploy and manage IoT networks of any complexity. Provide edge and end device visibility and empower maintenance with cloud-based systems and mobile and desktops apps
Optimize, test, and extend your firmware solutions, streamline firmware delivery and update processes, and implement cloud integration services to enable remote IoT management and monitoring

IOT verticals we serve

Our IoT development company creates custom software solutions for the Internet of Things based on our experience in the following domains

IoT Network management

Software systems for IoT device fleet management and configuration
  • Cloud IoT infrastructure setup and optimization

  • Remote IoT device management platforms

  • Device status monitoring

  • Solutions for on-site IoT device configuration and troubleshooting

  • IoT network mapping tools

Industrial IoT

Custom software development for IoT-based monitoring and optimization of industrial processes, equipment maintenance, and asset usage
  • Environment monitoring

  • Digital twins and predictive maintenance

  • Energy saving analytics

  • Smart logistics modules

  • Integrations with industrial process control solutions

Asset tracking and micromobility

Software products for building, customizing, and scaling mobility fleets
  • Fleet and asset tracking

  • Fuel and other related cost tracking and optimization

  • Vehicle platforms and components

  • Multimodal route optimization

  • Digital parking

Building automation and smart home

Multi-component ecosystems for environment monitoring, smart space booking, energy saving, and more
  • Smart lighting, temperature control, security systems

  • Desk, meeting rooms, parking lots booking apps

  • Environment condition monitoring systems

  • Utility consumption analytics

  • Smart home automation

IoT healthcare solutions

Various software solutions to empower both healthcare facility and home based care
  • Smart rehabilitation programs

  • Health condition monitoring

  • Facility asset tracking

  • Integrating popular wearables data

  • Medical IoT integrations

Internet of Things software development services

IoT software development

Build a sophisticated platform for managing IoT infrastructures and handling all of your IoT data or a compact mobile app to provide access only to a small portion of insights that matter to a target group. Turn it into customization-ready branded or white-labeled solution

Cloud IoT migration

Make your IoT devices and networks manageable remotely. We’ll help you select, set up, and optimize an IoT management platform that meets your needs and build all needed infrastructure to make sure your IoT system smoothly integrates with the cloud systems

IoT analytics

Our experts will enhance your IoT system with the frameworks for automation, performance optimization, and load testing. Yalantis solution architects will conduct technical assessment of your existing solutions or PoC and provide an improvement roadmap

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More essentials to deliver value from the Internet of Things

Data science services

  • Decision-making support and advanced IoT analytics

  • Risk management and forecasting

  • External content analysis and meteorological predictions

  • IoT data structuring and visualization

  • Recommendation systems and more

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Site reliabilityengineering

  • Engineering of the IoT software infrastructure

  • IoT software infrastructure assessment

  • Capacity planning

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of the IoT software infrastructure and more

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platforms and tech for custom iot development services

IoT data flow stages we can cover

  • Collecting IoT data

  • Injecting and enriching IoT data

  • Processing and analyzing IoT data

  • Storing IoT data in data warehouses or lakes

  • Visualizing IoT data in reports and dashboards

Some of our IoT case studies

Bring your IoT ideas to life

Our experienced engineers will help you maximize value from IoT technology with our Internet of Things app development services.

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