IoT solutions

    Optimize maintenance, troubleshooting, and operations with a meaningful solution on top of your IoT infrastructure.
    Possible use cases
    Ensure timely maintenance of your machinery with an industrial IoT solution that offers real-time monitoring and actionable insights
    Securely collect and transfer sensitive patient data from medical sensors and devices
    Manage and maintain highly distributed assets of your logistics or agricultural business with remote management software
    Connect smart home components like devices and security systems in a centralized control panel

    IoT segments we serve

    We create sophisticated IoT software solutions with focus on the following segments

    Industrial IoT

    Solutions to optimize equipment maintenance processes and improve visibility in asset usage
    • Condition monitoring

    • Remote management

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Inventory management systems

    • Smart logistics modules


    Software products for building, customizing, and scaling mobility fleets
    • Custom IoT solutions for OEMs

    • Vehicle platforms and components

    • Over-the-air updates

    • Multimodal route optimization

    • Digital parking

    Smart home

    Technical solutions for monitoring and managing internet-connected domestic appliances
    • Smart home automation

    • Home security systems

    • Fire safety system monitoring

    • Smart lighting systems

    • Temperature monitoring


    Advanced software for powering the wearable devices with ready-to-use IoT functionality
    • Solutions for user-to-device interactions

    • Data collection from wearables and Bluetooth devices

    • Health condition monitoring

    • Medical IoT integrations

    IoT services we provide

    IoT platform development

    Build a sophisticated web platform for managing IoT infrastructures and handling your IoT data

    Cloud IoT migration

    Digitally transform your IoT system into a united cloud-based solution for IoT management

    IoT analytics

    Automatically filter, structure, and enhance your IoT data to get actionable insights for your business

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    How we can enhance your IoT value proposition

    Smart logistics

    • Ensure the visibility of supply chain operations and enhance asset and facility management with tracking and scanning devices

    Inventory management

    • Make sure you always have and can quickly add tools required for maintenance, repairs, and operations

    Predictive maintenance

    • Prevent machinery failures and optimize maintenance schedules with real-time monitoring and sensor data processing

    Remote management

    • Get maximum uptime from all of your distributed equipment with remote setup, management, and self-service maintenance

    Healthcare monitoring

    • Monitor health conditions and safely transfer medical data via public networks to meliorate patient treatment

    Condition monitoring

    • Ensure the required environmental conditions for your production sites: collect, analyze, and report key environmental factors and trends

    IoT platforms and technologies we use
    • AWS IoT Core


      Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

      Google Cloud IoT

    • Android Things

      Android Auto

      Samsung ARTIK


    • WearOS

      Riot OS

      Contiki OS

      Free RTOS


    IoT data flow stages we can cover

    • Collecting IoT data

    • Injecting and enriching IoT data

    • Processing and analyzing IoT data

    • Storing IoT data in data warehouses or lakes

    • Visualizing IoT data in reports and dashboards

    Some of our IoT case studies

    Embrace the power of the Internet of Things

    Streamline maintenance, repairs, and operations with intelligent IoT technology.

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