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Healthcare software development

Streamline your medical practice with modern technology and smooth development approaches and get a scalable, flexible, and secure software solution for your business.

Healthcare software solutions we build

Practice management systems

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Accounting and billing

  • Hospital management

  • Continued staff education and training

  • Clinical intelligence

  • Reference management

  • Healthcare payer solutions

Clinical software solutions

  • EHR and EMR

  • Medications and e-prescribing (eRx)

  • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring

  • mHealth technology

  • Clinical decision support

  • LIS tests and reports

  • Clinical trial management platforms

Patient and provider engagement

  • Online patient registration

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • Appointment reminders and notifications

  • Online bill payments

  • Communities, portals, and secure messaging

  • Patient education

Medical device implementation

  • Diagnostics, monitoring, and therapy devices

  • Medical equipment integrations

  • IoMT and connected devices

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Medical inventory and equipment tracking

  • Medical imaging systems (PACS)

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What you can achieve with Yalantis

Clinical workflow optimization

  • Optimize complex clinical workflows from scratch and enhance your existing software solutions by adding new modules and ensuring third-party software integrations. Make sure that add-ons are seamlessly integrated into your everyday clinical and patient workflows.

On-premise and legacy data migration

  • Ensure a smooth and fast transition from your current on-premises software to a new cloud-based system without losing important clinical data. Use our established process that begins with installing a utility on your legacy system and ends with validating and normalizing data in the cloud.

Data stability for multiple integrations

  • Establish a seamless and secure data flow between system modules without data loss with messaging and streaming systems such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, and REST APIs. Build a modular system encapsulating all external integrations as plugin-based modules so they can be switched in and out.

Scalability and flexibility

  • Utilize a cloud-based approach to server-side architecture to help your project easily scale and be flexible for new modifications. Turn your software into a scalable, resilient, and modular system that can easily be expanded and that’s easy to maintain.

Hardware integrations

  • Integrate your software with devices and medical equipment including heart rate monitors, heart-lung machines, and automated pill dispensers. Migrate data from outdated devices like pagers to modern software applications to enable automated medical equipment notifications.

Improved usability and customization

  • Simplify end users’ workflows through a great user experience and accessibility – from an intuitive design to smart decision support and wide customization capabilities. Implement proven user-centered design techniques to build technical solutions with your stakeholders’ needs in mind.

We have experience with healthcare standards and health data privacy requirements


How we ensure PHI data security

We help you avoid financial and reputational losses by preventing user data privacy and security violations.

Regulatory compliance

  • Our dedicated development teams have experience building software solutions that comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations, laws, and standards. This allows us to ensure that personal healthcare data is kept secure and confidential.

Secure PHI data storage

  • We encrypt data at rest and on client devices using platforms like Google Cloud and AWS, and we can build secure data storage with your existing data center. Additionally, we keep several copies of PHI backups in different places and regularly test your software’s recovery capabilities.

Data transmission security

  • To protect data in transfer, we force HTTPS or WebRTC with encryption for all communications between clients and servers. We also rely on the Health Level 7 (HL7) standard when it comes to sharing and transferring medical and administrative data between your software and other healthcare systems.

Full data and access control

  • To ensure the integrity of your PHI, we implement security mechanisms from unique user IDs and permission levels to multi-factor authentication and automatic logouts. We also let you investigate file access and data alterations by tracking all activities on your system’s hardware and software.

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