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    Streamline your healthcare processes through modern technology and smooth development approaches to achieve scalable, flexible, and secure software solutions.

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    Custom medical software development

    Our dedicated team will take on the full-cycle development of your next digital healthcare product or new functional modules. Together, we’ll define your requirements and find solutions to your most burning business challenges before implementing your project.

    Healthcare software re-engineering

    We’ll analyze your clinical processes and existing software to identify areas for improvement. Then we’ll help you plug the gaps in your software by updating its technology stack for better flexibility, interoperability, and security and by redesigning its interface for an improved look and greater usability.

    Development team augmentation

    Our team includes 450+ mature software engineers experienced in building complex healthcare solutions. We can reinforce your project with relevant specialists selected based on technical expertise, experience in the healthcare field, and soft skills so they can smoothly integrate into your corporate culture.

    Healthcare products we’ve delivered

    Our portfolio includes telemedicine solutions, EMR/EHR systems, practice management software, e-prescribing modules, and COVID-19 solutions. We also create multifunctional highly integrated enterprise healthcare systems that automate all clinical processes. Here are a few of the healthcare products we’ve built.




    A holistic all-around HIPAA-compliant solution for digitizing healthcare processes that:

    • enables a telemedicine solution with convenient and quick scheduling and payments
    • allows real-time communication and efficient collaboration between patients and caregivers
    • supplies patient monitoring and medical device integration
    • ensures high-level security standards and HIPAA compliance
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    Patient management platform

    Patient management platform


    A web-based system to optimize and automate clinicians’ routine that:

    • boosts employee efficiency by 50 percent and increases cost-efficiency
    • provides a clinical data management system
    • allows monitoring clinicians’ performance and patient demographics
    • comes integration-ready for third-party patient data management tools
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    Medical PACS

    Medical PACS

    Process Healthcare US SaaS Web

    Optimized production maintenance for the telemedicine and teleradiology system to:

    • decrease the time for urgent ticket processing from months to 1 or 2 days
    • increase customer satisfaction by 32 percentage points
    • reduce the number of unnecessary meetings by 70%
    • enhance employee satisfaction by 43 percentage point
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    Improve and automate your clinical processes

    Clinical workflow optimization

    We develop complex clinical workflow optimization software from scratch and optimize existing solutions by adding new modules and ensuring third-party integrations. We make sure add-ons are seamlessly integrated into your everyday clinical and patient workflows.

    Legacy data migration

    We’ll ensure a smooth and fast transition from your current on-premises software to a new cloud-based system without losing important clinical and strategic data. At Yalantis, we effectively migrate data using an established process that begins with installing a utility on a legacy system and ends with validating and normalizing data.

    Data stability for multiple integrations

    We ensure a seamless and secure data flow between system modules without data loss using modern messaging and streaming systems like Kafka, RabbitMQ, and REST APIs. We also run tests to check if your system works correctly. The systems we build support modularity, encapsulating all external integrations as plugin-based modules so they can be switched in and out.

    Scalability and flexibility

    While building software, we rely heavily on a cloud-based approach to server-side architecture. This helps your project easily scale and be flexible and modular. Scalability, flexibility, and modularity are core characteristics of software whose functionality can easily be expanded and that’s easy to maintain.

    Hardware integrations

    We can integrate your software with devices and medical equipment including heart rate monitors, heart-lung machines, and automated pill dispensers. We’ll help you migrate data from outdated devices like pagers to modern software applications to enable automated medical equipment notifications.

    Improved usability and customization

    We strive to simplify end users’ workflows through great user experience and accessibility – from an intuitive design to smart decision support to wide customization capabilities. While working on interface design, we use proven user-centered design techniques that let us build solutions with your stakeholders’ needs in mind.

    User onboarding

    We’ll help you develop an affordable, complex healthcare system for multiple user roles and help your users quickly adapt to it. We know how to make complex functionality clear, intuitive, and user-friendly for non-technical specialists. We’ll also provide you with supporting materials and train your staff on how to use your new software.

    Support and maintenance

    We stay with our clients for as long as they need to build a stable and flawless product. Our support and post-release maintenance services include dealing with additional changes to the product scope, responding to customer feedback by improving existing functionality, and paying back technical debt.

    We build software solutions for:

    • Healthcare providers and hospital systems
    • Pharmaceutical, biotech, and other life sciences companies
    • Independent software vendors
    • Assisted living residences and other housing facilities
    • Insurance companies
    • Medical device companies
    • Laboratories
    • Other healthcare-related businesses and organizations

    Software solutions we build

    Since 2009, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations improve their management, administrative, and financial processes and provide better patient services by building highly integrated healthcare systems.

    • Software solutions we build

      Since 2009, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations improve their management, administrative, and financial processes and provide better patient services by building highly integrated healthcare systems.

    • Electronic health record / electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) systems
    • Medical prescription and supply chain management solutions
    • Solutions for predictive finance and reducing uncompensated care costs
    • Clinical analytics, reporting, and decision support solutions
    • Telehealth, appointment scheduling, and COVID-19 solutions
    • Healthcare compliance software
    • Billing and claims management solutions
    • Laboratory information management software
    • Chronic disease, caregiving, and real-time monitoring solutions
    • Organ donation systems
    • Have a project that falls into one of these categories or have your own unique concept?

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    How we ensure PHI data security

    We help you avoid financial and reputational losses by preventing user data privacy and security violations.

    • Compliance with healthcare industry requirements

      Our team is well-versed in building software solutions that comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations, laws, and standards. This helps us create custom products that keep personal healthcare information secure and confidential.

    • Secure PHI data storage

      For both cloud and on-premises storage, we encrypt data at rest and on client devices. We use reputable cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), but we can also build secure data storage from scratch using your existing data center. Additionally, we ensure adequate data backups in case of system crashes by keeping several copies of PHI in different places and testing your software’s recovery capabilities.

    • Transmission security

      To protect data in transfer, we force HTTPS or WebRTC with encryption for all communications between clients and servers. We also rely on the Health Level 7 (HL7) standard when it comes to sharing and transferring medical and administrative data between your software and other healthcare systems.

    • Audit control

      We ensure the integrity of your PHI and let you investigate file access and data alterations by tracking all activities on your system’s hardware and software and by combining data into access reports and security incident tracking reports.

    • Access control

      From unique user IDs and permission levels to multi-factor authentication and automatic logouts, we work to maintain only authorized access and make sure your users’ private and health-related data stays well protected from intruders.

    Why you can rely on Yalantis

    We strive for establishing and optimizing all our inner software development processes. This aspiration ensures that your project implementation moves like clock-work.

    • Market intelligence

      Our team includes 300+ software engineers with more than 10 years of experience automating clinical processes. Our business analysts and solution architects are familiar with hospital workflows and the technical problems healthcare providers face. This collective expertise lets us speak your language and build relevant technical solutions without the need for time-consuming background research.
    • Fine-tuned development processes

      We’ll prepare a business solution for each of your business needs by building user flow charts for all MVP components. This approach helps us decide on the technologies most suitable for a project. Our custom design system speeds up development thanks to a standardized approach to design. To help different groups of stakeholders contribute to your project, we apply stakeholder, change, and requirement management practices and follow an established software development life cycle (SDLC) and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline.
    • Diverse team of professionals

      Our team of more than 300 professionals includes certified project managers, solution architects, business analysts, UI/UX designers, web and mobile developers, DevOps engineers, and quality control engineers. They work to find the intersection of end user needs, business models, and technology and deliver solutions that allow you to reach your business priorities.
    • Fast project or team setup

      You can start project development in less than a week after signing a contract. We act on your terms, taking into account your business needs and project goals. We’ll start with elaborating our technology solution, assessing possible risks, and preparing prototypes at the discovery stage, then proceed to actual product development.
    • Effective approach with modern technology

      We quickly adopt new technologies to streamline development. Thanks to the use of smart plug-and-play tools, platforms, and frameworks, we save your time and budget. By building microservice architectures, we enable reusability. This lowers the cost of developing or changing a product, helps you use resources efficiently, and makes it easy to scale your software systems on demand.
    • Clean learning curve

      We have an established approach to onboarding new team members to meet your requirements and ensure smooth development. Our specialists have access to onboarding documentation, attend project-related workshops, and benefit from mentoring by technical leads. We also make sure end users smoothly adapt to your new system by ensuring a simple user experience and even building a learning management system for employee training.

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