Taxi-Hailing App Development

After Uber’s business model was proven effective, we started to see more and more Uber-like ride-hailing services confront traditional taxi services. We help our clients create powerful ride-hailing apps like Uber.

Key features

Customers want an on-demand ride-hailing service that’s affordable, reliable, and easy to use. There’s no better way to win favor with customers than to offer convenient functionality and a user-centric design in your taxi software.

    • Pickup and drop-off locations
    • Upfront price calculations
    • Driver & passenger ratings
    • Real-time driver location tracking
    • In-app chat and calls
    • Fare splitting
    • In-app payments
    • Push notifications

Get your figures

We’ve brought together all our expertise and prepared a document that explains the parts of an Uber-like platform and tells you how much it might cost to build one.


You’re sure to want your taxi-booking application to be ahead of the game. Learning from your competitors’ failures and wins is a proven way to success. Let’s learn from the competition together.

  • iOS, Android, Windows, web

    Launched in 2009 as a premium ride-hailing service that connected riders with luxury car drivers and provided credit card payments with the tap of a button, Uber is now one of the largest transportation networks in the world. It provides a number of service options and types, from its classic black luxury vehicle service to ride sharing and food delivery.

  • iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon

    Lyft was initially launched under the name Zimride as a ride sharing service with a focus on long-distance trips (often between cities). Lyft then switched its focus to become a service that provides rides within cities. Just like Uber, Lyft offers a mobile app and a website with nearly the same set of features and services, only Lyft emphasizes the social component, positioning drivers as friends with cars.

  • iOS, Android

    Arro is a cab service created by NYC taxi industry veterans that lets users e-hail a regular cab. It can be easily called an Uber clone but with no surge pricing. Arror’s fares are metered. The app is viewed as a serious competitor to Uber in the NYC metropolitan area.

Take a look
at our works

We’re eager to share the expertise our agency is constantly acquiring. Check out our portfolio to see how we approach ride-hailing app development.

Ready to create a taxi app?

If the taxi industry still needs disruption in your city or region, you’re lucky to have found a team that can help you build a mobile taxi service as good as Uber.

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