Software reengineering and support

    We modernize software products to make them correspond to your latest business goals and processes.

    You have new business processes that require adding new functionalities

    Software performance is insufficient and your business is actively growing

    Users have issues with your interface or can’t properly understand its functions

    Your legacy software is getting outdated and challenging to support

    You need to prepare your software product for scaling and entering new target markets

    Your system is unable to integrate with new or updated modules required for business continuity

    Reengineering and support services

    • Code refactoring

    • Extension of system capabilities

    • User experience redesign

    • Document restoration and creation

    • Replacement of legacy code with ready-made solutions

    • Database, language, and platform migration

    Approach to software modernization

    Analyzing current business state

    Collecting desired state requirements

    Creating solution design

    Renovating software

    Updating data architecture

    Optimizing usability

    Code refactoring

    Upgrading infrastructure

    Modernizing and restructuring software doesn’t have to mean rebuilding your product from scratch. We’ll carefully analyze your product and business situation to deliver a cost-effective solution.

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    Our works reengineering clients’ projects



    See how we enhanced the functionality of a healthcare platform that:

    • Enables telemedicine with scheduling and payments

    • Allows for real-time communication between patients and caregivers

    • Supplies patient monitoring and medical device integrations

    • Ensures compliance with HIPAA and high-level security standards

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    123 Sourcing

    Supply chainMexicoWeb

    Learn how we created a system for calculating storage usage that:

    • Digitizes and minimizes time-consuming manual operations

    • Decreases labor costs with process automation

    • Reduces shipping and storage costs with storage optimization

    • Helps retain clients and attract new ones with advanced functionality

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    123 Sourcing

    Transition to microservices for a logistics company

    Supply chainUSAWeb

    Find out how we reengineered a transportation management system to:

    • Speed up the system updates that now take less than five minutes

    • Add new services without affecting other system modules

    • Scale using different tech, programming languages, frameworks, and libraries

    • Engage distributed teams to work independently on different system parts

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    Transition to microservices for a logistics company

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    Ron Bullis
    One of the biggest values they bring to the table is the way of thinking critically during the whole development process. They’re not just building software, they’re effectively solving your business problem.

    Align your software with the new business reality

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