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IT support

Outsourcing product support is a perfect alternative to traditional in-house IT services. To ensure continuous and sustainable business operations, we transfer support duties and risks of any type to our IT experts. In addition to monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure, we provide engineering optimization and re-engineering services based on our clients’ business needs and feedback. As a managed service provider, we work to ensure that our clients’ software products reflect the ever-changing technology and market situation. By hiring our outsourced IT professionals, our clients obtain solutions for growing their businesses, ensuring predictable and efficient software performance, getting more profit, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Delivery approach

  • Gather requirements

    Gather requirement (including non-standard requirements) for the needed support

  • Perform project audit

    Conduct a technical state analysis and project audit

  • Develop the support plan

    Perform strategic planning of support activities

  • Select the support services

    Compile a list of necessary support services

  • Start the support activities

    Roll out support and manage IT systems for the client’s project

  • Implement improvements and adjustments

    Implement support and software product improvements and adjustments on a regular basis

Core deliverables

Support duties, engineering optimization and re-engineering services to ensure continuous and sustainable business operations

  • Core deliverables

    Support duties, engineering optimization and re-engineering services to ensure continuous and sustainable business operations

  • Cost-efficiencyCost-effective product support
  • OptimisationReduced operating costs
  • ContinuityContinuous integration and deployment
  • PerformanceInfrastructure optimization
  • Support24/7 incident and problem management
  • GuidanceChange and release management
  • FacilitationConfiguration management
  • RegularityRegular help desk reports
  • AssistanceCustomer support

Clients about Yalantis

  • Giorgio ZinettiInnovation Project Manager

    ”We worked with Yalantis on a very demanding project and experienced the team as great technology partner. The process of translating requirements into a product was smooth and quick. Thanks to their support we were able to create a great new experience for banking.”

  • Optima
    Simon JonesChief Product Officer at Optima Curis

    ”What we appreciate Yalantis for, is their thoughtfulness and involvement. The team is always responsive and delivers fast. We think that with Yalantis we got a better product than we would get with another outsourcing company.”

  • Kevin BrownDev Lead at Naked Apartments

    ”We've worker with Yalantis to fill out the QA presence on our development team. They've been exceptional! I'm regularly surprised by the knowledge and experience they bring to their day-to-day work. They go above and beyond to help improve our processes and develop our products using the customer's perspective. Very impressed!”

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