Healthcare App Development

We’re now seeing the birth of more and more web and mobile apps to address different healthcare needs, from booking doctor’s appointments to buying drugs online and getting health insurance. We help our clients further improve the healthcare sector.

Key features

Healthcare products vary in their purpose and nature. We’ve tried to define a feature set that’s suitable for most healthcare applications.

    • Private user accounts
    • Push notifications
    • Electronic health records
    • Customized camera
    • Built-in calendar for booking appointments
    • In-app messenger for doctors and patients
    • In-app phone and video calls for virtual visits
    • Powerful dashboard to track patient progress


Digital medical services are only just starting to gain ground. However, that doesn’t mean there are no strong players. Check out these healthcare applications to know where the healthcare industry is heading.

  • iOS, Android, web

    Founded in 2013, Oscar is an mHealth insurance service whose goal is to change the modern US healthcare system by redesigning health insurance for a better user experience. Oscar offers all users free 24/7 telemedicine visits through their Doctor on Call service, avoiding unnecessary visits to hospitals.

  • iOS, Android, Web

    Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Privia is a healthcare platform that unites doctors, caregivers, and patients with a focus on optimizing healthcare delivery. Privia Health partners with leading doctors to keep people healthy, better manage their diseases, and reward caregivers for delivering high-value care with the help of their web and mobile applications.

  • iOS, Android, Web

    Vezeeta is a Cairo-based mobile and web application that allows patients to book appointments with healthcare specialists via the Vezeeta web and mobile platform. Initially limited to Cairo, the service is now available in four countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

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Helping our clients enter the digital healthcare world requires having strong technical and business expertise. These are the fruits of our endless education and hard work.

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