Health & Fitness App Development

The wearable technology boom has mainly been driven by the fitness industry, which has popularized devices like smartwatches and wrist-worn fitness trackers. These devices need adequate support in the form of well-crafted health and fitness mobile apps.

Key features

For a health and fitness app to gain traction, it’s important to define and incorporate a set of features that promote overall well-being and lead to better health and fitness outcomes.

    • Activity tracking
    • Workout videos
    • Personalized plans
    • Workout calendars
    • HealthKit and Google Fit integration
    • Progress visualization
    • Challenges and goals
    • Social features


The market for wearables and related apps will only continue expanding thanks to popular services such as HealthKit and Google Fit. We’re still in the early stages of uncovering the potential for digital health tracking products.

  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web

    Fitbit is a fitness and wellness app designed to work with Fitbit activity tracking devices and smart scales. The application is equipped with features that allow users to move toward their fitness goals: customized workouts, an exercise calendar, activity and sleep trackers, food logging, as well as social features like exercise sharing and challenges.

  • iOS, Android, web

    MyFitnessPal is the world’s most popular diet and nutrition app. It helps gym-goers set the right goals, lose weight, and lead a healthy lifestyle. The application is equipped with a powerful calorie counter and a graph that shows users’ daily, weekly, and monthly progress. A recipe importer and a barcode scanner are other prominent features.

  • iOS, Android, web

    Strava is a famous fitness app with a massive social element for tracking cycling, running, and swimming via the GPS functionality on a smartphone or fitness tracking device, such as those by Garmin and Fitbit. Users can also follow each other, give kudos, comment on each other’s activities, and upload photos.

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