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Customer success management

Yalantis provides customer success management services to ensure our clients’ business goals are achieved. To maximize the value clients get from Yalantis, our customer success managers onboard new clients and take care of them during the whole collaboration lifecycle and beyond. Moreover, our professionals use their experience and expertise to assist clients in launching new initiatives and discovering new business opportunities. With a customer success management strategy and a dedicated manager, clients get their own partners inside the Yalantis organization. As true customer advocates, Yalantis Customer Success Managers act as the first escalation point and proactively respond to customer feedback to improve the customer relationship.

Delivery approach

  • Dive into business goals

    Understand the client’s business goals and objectives

  • State goals

    Articulate goals for running the business successfully

  • Compile a success plan

    Develop an individual success plan for each client

  • Evaluate project progress

    Measure the progress of the success plan and value delivery

  • Make adjustments and improvements

    Initiate adjustments and improvements to the delivery process based on clients’ wishes, needs, and feedback

Core deliverables

Customer success management for ensured business goal completion

  • Core deliverables

    Customer success management for ensured business goal completion

  • PersonalisationDedicated customer success manager
  • AssistanceDevelopment process onboarding
  • DeliveryClearly defined and validated value delivery process
  • ClearnessClearly stated business goals
  • PlanningArticulated project success plan
  • OpennessLifelong customer support for all projects
  • OpportunityAssistance in discovering opportunities for business growth and product improvement
  • EfficiencyRegular project health monitoring
  • ResponsivenessRapid response to client’s needs and feedback

Clients about Yalantis

  • Giorgio ZinettiInnovation Project Manager

    ”We worked with Yalantis on a very demanding project and experienced the team as great technology partner. The process of translating requirements into a product was smooth and quick. Thanks to their support we were able to create a great new experience for banking.”

  • Simon JonesChief Product Officer at Optima Curis

    ”What we appreciate Yalantis for, is their thoughtfulness and involvement. The team is always responsive and delivers fast. We think that with Yalantis we got a better product than we would get with another outsourcing company.”

  • Kevin BrownDev Lead at Naked Apartments

    ”We've worker with Yalantis to fill out the QA presence on our development team. They've been exceptional! I'm regularly surprised by the knowledge and experience they bring to their day-to-day work. They go above and beyond to help improve our processes and develop our products using the customer's perspective. Very impressed!”

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