Blockchain logistics


    Imagine you scan the label of your favorite whiskey to discover it was made in Ireland, on a particular date. And you can even see the very barrel it was originally kept in. This is possible with the blockchain technology that allows secure, transparent, and reliable storage of digital information. Transactional data entered that way can't be altered or forged. Your supply chain business could benefit greatly from this tech.

    Here are just a few possible ideas on how you could use it:

    Prove the quality of your Kosher / Halal certified products
    Affirm your medical product compliance with standards and certifications
    Demonstrate trustworthiness of your logistics and delivery transactions
    Confirm the exclusiveness, authenticity, and top quality of your fine spirits
    Certify the immunization of students and employees worldwide
    Settle payment disputes within seconds instead of days and weeks

    Integration capabilities of blockchain technology

    Transportation management systems
    Our experts will enrich your TMS system with the improved visibility and smart contracts for shipment data transactions
    Food purchasing and delivery apps
    We can add the food trust feature to your food purchasing and delivery software, to help your customers get safe and certified food only. We can help guarantee the list of ingredients, expiration date and manufacturing location
    Labor management systems
    We can integrate the immunization certificates for the employees and implement scan coding functionality to easily check the certificates
    Medical supply systems
    Yalantis will implement blockchain proof for the manufacturing, storage and transportation conditions of the medical products you provide

    The potential of blockchain technology goes way beyond the software listed above.

    Feel free to contact us and learn more about other systems we can augment with blockchain.

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    Benefits of blockchain for your business

    Transportation transparency and visibility
    The blockchain smart contracts ensure the proper data flows and prove the route and duration of transit in your routine shipment operations.
    Cost efficiency and risk reduction
    Implementing the blockchain for the shipment of goods, you can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and fully eliminate the risk that the shipment data will be forged.
    Brand trustworthiness and safety
    With the unalterable blockchain labels, your clients can be sure that your products are authentic, high quality, and are safe to consume.
    Justified pricing
    As you certify the authenticity of your inventory with blockchain tech, you get to justify higher pricing for your services and products.

    Power up your business with the blockchain technology

    Make use of blockchain technology to bring cost optimization, stable growth, and transaction visibility to your supply chain business.

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