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Solution design

To overcome a certain challenge or to seize an opportunity, our clients require custom software. And to learn how to properly build the software, the clients need a solution design that explains what exactly to build, what tech and expertise are needed, and how to properly set up the development process for that. With the Yalantis holistic approach, businesses obtain a solution design that includes the architecture vision, the product scope, the UI and UX design, and the custom delivery approach. So the clients not only get a precise understanding of the future technical solution with the expertise for it, but also a detailed guide to building it along with the timeline and budget estimates.

Delivery approach

  • Business requirement mapping

    To develop a proper solution design and the product vision, our experts determine the business challenge or opportunity, needs, objectives, client’s expectations, distribution model, target audiences, and regulations to comply with

  • UI and UX design

    Considering the industry standards and behavioral patterns, Yalantis creates design systems with reusable components. These can be assembled together for building any number of apps and introducing changes on all system levels quickly and with minimum efforts

  • Solution architecture

    Next, we provide the overall architecture vision. The detailed tech architecture consists of the full solution schema with the list of all solution components, infrastructure, integrations, network and security layers, and scalability and failure management principles

  • Delivery process

    At this stage, we model a custom software development lifecycle and delivery approach. Based on the created design systems, we elaborate on the technical map that demonstrates the roles, responsibilities, artifacts, and processes required to implement the solution

  • Development onboarding

    Along with providing a solution design, our experts kick-off the development process, compose manuals and conduct training and coaching activities for all the development teams, and supervise the development context sharing


Tech and business alignment

To decide on what product to build and how to build it, we agree with all the stakeholders involved and consider their problems, expectations, and goals. We become the alignment layer between the business needs and the technology to implement them

Comprehensive documentation

Our clients obtain clear and extensive documentation on the functional and non-functional requirements, the scope and limitations, the Software Design Document, visual design and assets, and the project plan including the risks, timeline, and estimates


Getting a solution design from Yalantis, our clients discover what software products they need for solving a business problem, what resources and experts are required, and what implementation terms are. With the Yalantis experts, the clients can make the necessary corrections to the solution design for better efficiency and timeliness


Yalantis creates a solution design for highly secure, scalable, maintainable, adaptable, and cost-effective systems. These designs esteem the industrial and cultural peculiarities of clients’ businesses and have extensive and comprehensive documentation. So our clients can easily implement them with their internal teams or with Yalantis

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