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Software reengineering

Software reengineering involves examining and altering software products to make them correspond to the new business requirements and processes. And no matter if it’s for adding new functionality demanded by users, scaling to receive more customers, or for making the product more maintainable and supportable. Our ultimate goal is to create a cost-effective solution and the implementation plan for it to give the client a modernized product without rebuilding it from scratch.

Delivery approach

  • Audit

    Yalantis experts inventory and prioritize the client’s software based on the criticality for business continuity, longevity, maintainability, and other business-specific factors to develop a custom tech solution along with its realization plan

  • Reengineering planning

    At this stage, we develop a comprehensive set of documentation and artifacts that describe the current technical state, desirable state, and the possible improvements for the whole software product to reach the desirable state

  • Software renovation

    Next, we supply the architecture vision and solution design, component diagrams, integrations, tech stack and frameworks, and the DevOps architecture for altering the examined software

  • Data architecture update

    Yalantis dives into the data architecture and identifies the necessary data models, objects, and attributes. Then, our experts review and rebuild the data structures for better quality. This also includes migrating the existing data and switching to the new databases

  • Code refactoring

    Our specialists analyze the source code and reconstruct it to define the programming structure violations. Once the list of violations is complete, we restructure the code and test it to ensure there are no more issues

  • Infrastructure upgrades

    To remove any possible problems with software security, reliability, and scalability, our professionals analyze the software infrastructure and suggest the changes to the development, deployment, and management of the client’s software product

  • Usability optimization

    Yalantis studies the user journey throughout the client’s software to discover the bottlenecks and limitations. Next, we optimize the user interface and experience for more user engagement and retention


Support and maintenance cost reduction

The renewed data, infrastructure, and technology of the client’s software products require less time and money for support, maintenance, and upgrades

New business process implementation

Having eliminated the UX and tech limitations, our clients can align modernized software with their current business state to attract a wider audience and to enter new markets

Software reengineering design

Our clients receive comprehensive documentation that describes the architecture of the client’s software product and what benefit each updated component brings to business

Software capability extension

Thanks to software reengineering, our clients can scale their products and product ecosystems and introduce new functionality adapting to new market reality


Not only can Yalantis implement the reengineering plans we offer, but also provide the support services along with further product updates and improvements

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