Ensuring App Security

A well-constructed app needs a solid protective shield. We approach app security seriously, equipping the apps we build with complex authentication mechanisms and full encryption.

Making apps bulletproof

We constantly improve our expertise in developing secure and reliable apps. Here are some of the most common security challenges that we address.

  • Authentication
    Most modern smartphones are equipped with advanced authentication mechanisms such as fingerprint and face scanners. To reinforce the security of your app, it’s possible to integrate it with biometric authentication. We use the Fingerprint API for Android and the LocalAuthentication framework for iOS.
  • Data encryption
    To achieve maximum security, we apply cryptographic standards that will likely still be adequate in five to ten years’ time. Closely following NIST guidelines helps us find the most relevant and proven solutions. For example, we apply Realm’s own cryptographic mechanisms.
  • Data storage
    The rule of thumb is the less sensitive data you store on the client’s side, the better. If there’s a need to store passwords or other sensitive information on the device, we use the Realm Database for local storage (for both iOS and Android). Realm is a modern and highly secure cross-platform database that offers transparent encryption and decryption.
  • Client-server
    For all applications we develop, we make sure to properly set up TLS/SSL, use trusted CA certificates with properly configured chains, and attach them or pin them to SSL. An even greater level of security can be achieved if sensitive data is additionally encrypted before sending it through TLS.

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Want us to make your app secure?

If you have any questions about the security of your app, don’t be shy to ask us. We’ll gladly help you.

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