Real-Time Features

Real-time features have become an integral part of modern apps: Twitter, whose feed is updated when something new is published; Google Docs, which offers collaborative real-time editing; Instagram, which now lets users stream live videos. We can develop real-time features for your app.

From fancy to must-have

Real-time features have worked their way from fancy to must-have. We help you get these must-haves for your web and mobile apps.

  • Live content
    Live content delivery is a must for any app with a news feed. We make sure content is relevant by keeping the time between creating content and delivering content as short as possible.
  • Real-time feed
    Real-time activity streams are especially important for the second-screen experience, live commentaries, and statistics. By delivering content instantly, we can see the immediate reaction to that content and where traffic is coming from.
  • Notifications
    We can increase retention metrics by pushing information to users who are interested in receiving it. With real-time push notifications, we make users aware as soon as new information or a call to action becomes available.
  • Collaboration
    We develop real-time solutions that let multiple users collaborate on text, pictures, annotations, and other content in mobile apps.
  • IoT device control
    We use protocol-independent tools provided by PubNub (Data Stream Network and APIs) to build web and mobile solutions for controlling and monitoring IoT devices in real time.

Explore more capabilities

Want to add real-time features?

If you have any questions about real-time functionality for your app, don’t be shy to ask us. We’ll gladly help you.

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