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Platform development

Creating a software platform means designing and developing a solution for a core product to be quickly customized and delivered to a large number of clients and businesses. It has to be a modular system with core functionality that our clients can quickly replicate, adjust, and integrate into business processes of various companies. Yalantis develops such a platform to later reproduce multiple product versions and distribute the versions among their target audiences. At the same time, our experts support the distribution and maintenance of software variety along with all of the possible versions.

Delivery approach

  • Requirement consistency and proper architecture

    Eliciting functional and non-functional requirements, we build an architecture aligned with business processes, regulations, governance, and end-user expectations

  • Core platform design

    We build architectures for the core product and its versions to be scalable, modular, independent, and regulation compliant. The server infrastructures come out flexible for rapid deployment, replication, and functional updates. As for the UI and UX, it allows easy product customization for multiple clients, roles, and use scenarios

  • Integrations

    Yalantis professionals develop solutions that are seamlessly integrated into existing businesses, their products, and infrastructures. With the newly integrated solutions and enriched functionality, our client products bear the necessary flexibility, scalability, and consistency with overall system UI and UX

  • Platform distribution

    Every new version of the product should be easily deployed and ready for fast delivery. For this reason, our experts develop the core platform and every product version in compliance with the business distribution model, be it a software as a service or on-premise software

  • Continuous multi-version delivery

    Yalantis provides project management solutions for the maintenance and further development of both the platform itself and individual products supplied to other businesses. This way we ensure continuous and independent development of all versions of the platform

  • Multiversion product support

    By scaling the organizational structure of the clients business, Yalantis carries out maintenance, support, and further development of all versions of the core platform. This is done in close cooperation with the client and based on the feedback of the product end users


New client acquisition

Yalantis helps attract new clients. Our experts develop the fully functional prototype, prepare the demonstration materials, showcase and deliver the product, and model the product vision

Advanced client onboarding

We supply the necessary services for comprehensive and rapid client onboarding. Our professionals deliver robust custom versions, roll them out, and ensure successful version operating

Custom version support

Yalantis experts provide the whole support services variety for each customized product version individually. Our dedicated support teams process client feedback and react to the new business needs without affecting the client’s unique business operation

Regular updates

Our experts constantly evolve and support the core platform, adding new functionality and integrations. Every unique product version receives regular updates that do not affect any of the customizations made by clients

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