Working with
Photo & Video

Modern smartphones have almost fully replaced photo and video cameras for non-professional users. But they also intend to replace desktop editing tools, letting users edit photos and videos on the go. We work with photo, video, audio, and other media.

Post-production tools
in your users’ pockets

From cropping videos to applying old-school filters to analysing and transmuting sound, we’ll make editing media the strong point of your application.


  • Photo filters
    When editing photos, one of the main concerns is creating filters. We develop algorithms that take standard filtering techniques to a new level.
  • Image
    We specialize in developing special functionality for photo enhancement and restoration, removing elements and adjusting colors, contrast, white balance, sharpness, noise, and more.
  • Image
    Image transformation represents arithmetic and complex mathematical operations that help us convert images from one form to another. For example, resizing and cropping to fit the design of an app or creating visual effects such as fisheye.
  • Face recognition
    We research biometric software that uses algorithms to identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video frame by comparing this image with visual data stored in a database.
  • Face analysis
    We apply powerful third-party tools that help analyze emotion, gender, race, and age. Analysis of facial expressions may lead to understanding the mood, emotional state, and intentions of the analyzed person in a photo or video frame.


  • Video filters
    We record videos and apply filters in real time. We also add filters with extended capabilities to pre-recorded videos.
  • Slow motion
    Slow-motion clips are recorded at 120 FPS or higher. We use AVFoundation for iOS to enable this feature. The diversity of Android devices makes implementing slow motion for Android particularly challenging.
  • Stop-motion
    Stop-motion is about recording very short videos consisting of two to three frames that create the illusion of movement. We use MediaCodec for Android and AVFoundation for iOS to achieve a stop-motion effect.
  • Сropping and
    trimming video
    We crop videos to match the aesthetic of a social network’s video content (Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo) for video editing apps with social sharing.
  • Special video
    By capturing video with special effects – flames, snow, rain – and also by using different filters, emoticons, and text, we develop videos into rich, expressive movies.


  • Audio recording
    We capture voice, music, and phone calls on various devices and operating systems, saving files in a variety of formats including MP3 and WAV. We sync audio files with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and SoundCloud.
  • Looping audio
    over video
    We use the FFmpeg library to trim and blend audio tracks with video. We also use SpectrumWorx, a third-party library for audio effects on Android.
  • Automatic content
    recognition (ACR)
    By using audio fingerprinting and matching, we make it possible for mobile and wearable apps to catch sound from TV, movies, music, and radio. We use pre-made ACR libraries to create second-screen experiences and enable Shazam-like video and music recognition.
  • Sound analysis
    We’re learning how to extract information and meaning from audio signals for analysis, classification, storage, and retrieval. The software we’re working on lets users record, save, and visualize sounds as spectrograms and waveforms.

Media processing in action

We love to invent and share our inventions with others. The following libraries from our collection can be used to process media in your app.

Explore more capabilities

Want to add media processing?

If you have any questions about photo, video, or audio recording and editing functionality for your app, don’t be shy to ask us. We’ll gladly help you.

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