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Modern smartphones and tablets are equipped with sensors that can easily pinpoint the device’s location. This location data can be effectively used by activity trackers, place finders, dating services, and ride-hailing apps. If you have an idea for a location-based app, we can help you build it.

Helping your clients find their way

What does a typical flow for a location-based app look like? First, we define the user’s location. Then we show the nearest healthy food shops (or something else) on a map. Finally, we guide the user to one of these shops. Let’s see how we do it.

  • Determining current
    user position
    We use advanced Google Location APIs and Apple Core Location tools to get the geographic location and orientation of a device so that it’s possible to integrate functionality like location-based search for goods, services, and people, location-based push notifications and messages, location-based content, and more.
  • Maps
    Map functionality is used in many location-based apps such as place finders, ride-sharing and taxi-hailing services, and travel applications. We use the time-proven Google Maps API to embed maps into web and mobile applications. Google Maps can easily be tailored to your app’s style and branding.
  • Places
    Your app may need to provide your users with information about location names, addresses, ratings, reviews, and contact information. To do this, we use the Google Places API. With the Places API, we get access to more than 100 million places and points of interest around the globe, improving your app’s location intelligence.
  • Navigation
    We can also integrate your app with a built-in navigator for different types of transportation, including walking, driving, and cycling, using the Google Maps Directions API, Mapbox Navigation APIs, or TomTom’s NavKit.
  • Travel time
    Time is money. Your customers will definitely want to know how long it should take for your ride-hailing service to get them to their destination or how long it will take for your food delivery service to deliver their dinner. We use advanced tools like the Google Distance Matrix API to calculate approximate travel times and distances from point A to point B.
  • Real-time
    geolocation tracking
    Tracking the real-time location of another device may be the core feature of many location-aware applications such as taxi apps and on-demand delivery apps. We use a combination of quality code and premade third-party tools (real-time push technology and embedded maps) to deliver apps with powerful real-time location tracking functionality.

Explore more capabilities

Want us to make your
app location-aware?

If you have any questions about maps and geolocation functionality in your app, don’t be shy to ask us. We’ll gladly help you.

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