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Embedded teams

To ensure success scaling and expansion, businesses require a delivery capacity boost from their development teams. And this often makes CTOs decide whether to dedicate their development teams to digital transformation and product evolving or to drive them to maintenance and support. The reason for that is the lack of relevant experts and no opportunity or resources to hire them in the local area. And when it comes to outsourcing, CTOs are worried that the remote team won’t follow the company processes and values and that the communication will be inefficient. To overcome these challenges, Yalantis has meliorated the processes of embedding teams into clients’ organizational structure, collaborating, and communicating with stakeholders and distributed teams.

Delivery approach

  • Team onboarding

    Yalantis holds a complex set of measures to supply perfect matching team experts for ramping up the clients’ delivery capacity. Next, we model an embedded team relationship within the clients’ organizational structure. And then, we efficiently onboard the required experts so that they are highly capable, productive, and maintaining high quality of work

  • Transparency of processes

    Yalantis establishes collaboration processes with client’s stakeholders and teams, adopting the communication model convenient for the client. During development, we ensure traceability and visibility with regular updates on the current project state. This shows the work we produce and the level of engagement and commitment we put in

  • Shared values

    To follow the client’s company culture and to ensure maximum collaboration efficiency, our team members study the client’s processes and core values. We adopt the same communication tooling, habits, security rules and mechanisms so that the client’s team could relate and feel comfortable working with our experts

  • Team development

    Yalantis monitors employee satisfaction and nurtures team members who work on the client’s project with individual development plans, promotion, mentoring, and new expertises. This way, we ensure the client’s collaboration convenience, maximum team productivity, and full engagement in the project


Rapid teams roll-out

Rapid team rolling out is vital when looking to meliorate business performance with minimum time expenses. Supporting our clients in expert sourcing, screening, staffing, hiring, and retaining, Yalantis helps them acquire the needed value from product delivery as expeditiously as possible

New expertise acquisition

Our clients don’t need to worry about investing in new offices, setting up and growing new expertise within the company. Getting an embedded team from Yalantis, our clients already obtain the required expertise and experience from multiple projects along with the Yalantis center of excellence, all under one hood

Delivery scaling up

We carefully elaborate on the plan to implement and further increase the scalability of the innovation in the client’s business. Having strengthened the capacity of the clients’ organization with an embedded resource team, we help them make strategic choices for vertical or horizontal scaling up

Continuous improvement

To eliminate any blockers in collaborating, Yalantis deeply engages in the clients’ day-to-day work. Regularly collecting new feedback and expectations, we implement adjustments and corrections in the embedded team’s work and operations. And we constantly elaborate on new processes to increase the development and operational visibility and efficiency

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