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DevOps transformation

Make your development velocity correspond to your growing business needs. Turn your software into a high-load ready and fault-tolerant microservice system. Strengthen your SLA with fine-tuned development, deployment, delivery, security, and support processes.

  • Speed up software development and deployment

  • Automate and optimize development processes

  • Continuously and consistently deliver new functionality

  • Minimize software delivery failures and downtime

  • Ensure high software availability and accessibility

  • Achieve universal code security and functionality predictability

DevOps services for your businsess

continuous integration

  • Accelerate and improve the quality of your function development

  • Automate code merging and share codebases

  • Implement testing automation at each development stage

Continuous deployment

  • Ensure fast and smooth deployment

  • Get rid of bulky manual processes that slow down or block successful deployment

  • Free up more resources for stable software functioning

DevSecOps solutions

  • Minimize attacks and downtime with security by design

  • Upgrade your security system and make regulatory compliance and data privacy a part of each stage of development

Infrastructure as code

  • Take the weight off your development team and save time on infrastructure configuration with infrastructure as code (IaC) tools

  • Increase testing speed using multiple production-like environments

Continuous monitoring

  • Monitor software operations and discover performance issues before any damage to product uptime and revenue

  • Track user behavior and day 2 operations on each system component and find areas for continuous improvement

Configuration management

  • Assemble and manage multiple systems with automated tools

  • Set up automatic updates

  • Discover underperforming configurations

Release management

  • Eliminate possible release disruptions

  • Boost overall release efficiency

  • Take the weight off your team with orchestration and automation tools

Continuous feedback

  • Streamline your communication with users and ensure it’s unbiased

  • Create a product development roadmap according to actual user needs

  • Automatically collect and process user feedback quickly and efficiently

Full-scale cloud services


Cloud migration and development

  • Cloud cost optimization

  • Cloud-native development

  • Cloud security assurance

  • Cloud migration solutions

  • Cloud integration and deployment

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Site reliability engineering

  • Infrastructure assessment

  • Infrastructure engineering

  • Infrastructure monitoring

  • Infrastructure optimization and support

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Benefits you get with DevOps

Reduced production cost

  • By adopting the DevOps culture, you can cut down development, deployment, and support costs for your software system.

Accelerated testing

  • As automated testing is a core part of DevOps, you will get rid of time-consuming manual testing processes.

Faster time to market

  • The DevOps evolution drives faster software development and deployment, allowing you to deliver new functionality to users in less time.

Timely problem-solving

  • Having implemented automation and monitoring solutions, your team will be able to quickly and efficiently react to any problem discovered.

Scalability and agility

  • Duly managed releases and infrastructure will give you the freedom to configure your system to expand in response to increasing user demand and scale down when needed.

Team performance

  • With the process automation and optimization tools used in software production, you will free up your team’s potential and creativity for improving product quality and functionality.

Tech expertise

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DevOps implementation approach

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