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Deadline compliance

Urgent business needs and immediate opportunities make our clients set aggressive deadlines for their projects, be it a small component update, implementing a new integration, or even building a product ecosystem. Yalantis takes on projects of any complexity despite the constraints. We develop a custom software development lifecycle to ensure timely product and service delivery.

Delivery approach

  • Product scope determination

    Yalantis experts focus on shaping the product. We consider the client's expectations for the product and establish the possible scenarios and use cases. This is necessary to properly plan the versioning and future releases

  • Technical requirement elicitation

    We translate the obtained use cases into the future product functionality. Solution architects and business analysts chunk the functionality into features that can be developed independently and in parallel, to speed up the delivery process

  • Software development lifecycle modelling

    Each project requires a unique plan of the software development life cycle. We pay close attention to the stakeholders involved, their expectations, and requirements for the team autonomy. And then, we plan the activities for parallel development and early start

  • Project and program management

    Our management experts assist clients select, prioritize, and run their projects and programs. We monitor and set the proper timing for activity initiation, oversee and ensure high team performance, providing full development visibility and predictability with the properly set up project management tools and techniques

  • Development facilitation

    With experience from delivering projects with tight deadlines, Yalantis managers take all measures to ensure early starts. As soon as certain requirements are clarified, they go to the development portion by portion, not waiting for all requirements to be articulated

  • Continuous delivery

    Yalantis establishes the process or regular and stable functionality delivery. Thus, our clients get functional products practically after the first release. And every following product update happens recurrently and rapidly

  • Product roll out

    We help the clients with the smart launch of products and product ecosystems. Additionally, we fully support the products and make sure that they’re functional and operational during the first month after the launch

  • Constraint management

    Having identified all the client constraints, we constantly oversight the development correspondence to them. Monitoring the key performance indicators for the project, our experts take all measures to stay within the budget, scope, or time limitations


Time-to-market timelines

Mature project management processes are the key to entering new markets, introducing new products, releasing new functionality, and enriching their products with integrations. All of those go as planned or ahead of the schedule

Business agility

Yalantis helps clients stay flexible and constantly adapt to new user requests and needs. This becomes possible thanks to the technical, operational, and structural improvements we implement

Rapid expansion

Having timely delivered projects and programs, we help clients increase customer reach and market penetration. And, what’s more, we address and overcome the infrastructural challenges related to expansion

Transparency and visibility

We regularly inform clients about the current state of the project. We provide a detailed budget breakdown and a release roadmap, along with information about the possible changes and risks

Partially shippable product

By the end of each development iteration, our teams deliver a working solution that is tested, cohesive, ready to integrate, and complete enough for actual end-users to engage with it and collect user feedback

Organizational scalability

Within short terms, Yalantis sets up organizational structures for clients, staffing autonomous teams. Thus, we operate with multiple development streams and can plan and manage activities for each of the streams

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