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Deadline compliance

Immediate business needs and new market realities push businesses to enter markets much faster than before. To help businesses, we have created a custom deadline compliance framework. It allows us to start delivering solutions at the early stages of collaboration and triple our development speed compared to the competition.

Our custom framework for accelerated development

Our unique software development approach helps you fulfill your business objectives in a shorter time and with greater cost-efficiency.
Value-driven development
Traditional approach
Our custom approach
Value definition and analysis
  • Our business analysts start with understanding your business vision, processes, objectives, and stakeholders. Next, they define the key needs and goals of your target audience, user roles, and required system functionality.
  • Based on the results of our analysis and your feedback, our experts help you prioritize problems to solve for users and build a detailed user story map for development.
End-to-end scenario implementation
  • We accelerate the development of complex end-to-end solutions, engaging multiple engineers and production pipelines for creating different system components and product versions in parallel.
  • Our professionals also create component libraries that can easily be adopted across all levels of the product ecosystem. This allows us to save time on development and focus on strategic tasks.
Agility for project changes
  • Our teams hold regular demo presentations of released increments and collect your feedback at the earliest stage possible. This gives us the flexibility to make required changes and re-form the backlog as needed and when needed.
  • We give a detailed description of the design and implementation of individual functionality immediately before starting development. At the same time, we keep the architecture and scope of the entire project in focus, leaving space for changes to the product scope without changing the main project constraints.
Accelerated delivery processes
Discovery phase in parallel with software development
  • With most technical vendors, you have to wait until the negotiations end to get to the discovery phase. The Yalantis team begins the discovery phase during negotiations, allowing you to define your time and budget constraints.
  • As soon as we define your constraints, our project managers immediately start iterative project planning, initiate the development process, and provide you with delivery forecasts and project implementation plans at the early discovery stage.
Traditional approach
Our custom approach
Custom development processes
  • Our project managers and solution architects elaborate a custom software development lifecycle according to your business objectives, whether they’re scaling quickly, creating a secure SDLC, implementing complex integrations, turning your app into a SaaS solution, or anything else.
  • We also adjust continuous integration and delivery pipelines for regular micro releases and carefully test your product to ensure a smooth transition to new product versions and functionality updates.
Project health monitoring
  • Considering your business peculiarities, we set up project health metrics to monitor and manage project performance.
  • Based on these metrics, we make the necessary adjustments and take corrective actions to ensure the required development velocity.
User acceptance testing workflow
  • To deliver a fully operational product on time and on budget, we produce a clear checklist of user acceptance testing with timelines and feedback processing.
  • Using this checklist in combination with your feedback, we make the necessary changes and adjustments to software fast and efficiently.
Technical capability expansion
Integration management techniques
  • By reaching a certain scaling level, you obtain a design team with a dedicated program manager, solution architect, and senior business analyst to ensure the required product quality.
  • Our professionals use scaling techniques to manage and align programs, project portfolios, and distributed teams according to your constraints and expectations.
Rapid staffing and development team ramp-up
  • With our human resources capabilities, we form teams of up to 50 members in a month. This allows us to guarantee the required development velocity.
  • We provide the exact professionals required to build your project, freeing you from the candidate sourcing stage to let you focus on strategic tasks.
Process and data modeling
  • Our experts develop main and alternative user flows for your software to define critical functionality and start working on it as soon as possible.
  • Our engineers model the data structure to define the right architecture to ensure minimum changes to it in the future.
Attribute tradeoff analysis
  • We carefully select architectural elements to use or reuse for accelerated development based on your business requirements.
  • Our architects also assess the risks of using various solutions with allowance for the future performance and scalability of your software system.
Technical leadership and knowledge transfer
  • Each project team member gets fully onboarded with regard to your business specifics and context along with the values to follow in order to deliver the proper level of productivity.
  • We ensure that all project knowledge is fully and regularly transferred to all development team members.

We have the technical know-how and experience to help you comply with business needs and obligations to clients and investors.

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