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Blockchain logistics

With the new market reality, the benefits of blockchain have become available to all kinds of businesses, including small and mid-sized companies. Using this technology, you can bring transparency and security to your transactions, significantly reduce paperwork, and more.

Who can benefit from blockchain in delivery and logistics

Cargo owners and shippers

  • Reduce costs and inventory

  • Increase delivery predictability

  • Boost customer trust

  • Settle payment disputes in seconds

Sea carriers

  • Reduce the downtime of ports

  • Increase the transparency of cargo transportation and financial transactions

Land carriers / 3PLs

  • Improve transportation planning and minimize queues

  • Reduce errors and paperwork

  • Automate financial calculations

Ports and terminal operators

  • Minimize vessel and equipment downtime

  • Reduce errors and fraud cases using blockchain data


a flawless digital process for handling customs clearance documentation

There’s a new way to ensure that your documents seamlessly flow between all the parties involved in the import and export processes.


full transparency of your transactions

Thanks to blockchain, you can provide full traceability and visibility of your documentation and transactions with guaranteed auditability, privacy, and authenticity.


blockchain your reliable and safe database

Collect, store, and process the data from the container, truck, and ship sensors using the blockchain database available to all of the transportation process members.


your partners to streamlined operations

Allow your partners to connect to your blockchain solution and create an end-to-end system for efficient transportation, secure payments, and transparent documentation processing.

Integration capabilities of blockchain technology

  • Transportation management systems

    Our experts will enhance your transportation management system with improved visibility by implementing smart contracts for shipment data transactions

  • Online shopping and delivery apps

    We can add the product trust feature to your online shopping and delivery software and guarantee fabric quality, and manufacturing location, the list of ingredients, and more

  • Labor management systems

    Yalantis engineers will integrate the immunization certificates for the employees and implement scan coding functionality to easily check the certificates within your LMS software

  • Medical supply systems

    Yalantis will add the blockchain proof for the manufacturing, storage, and transportation conditions of the medical products you provide

Power up your business with the blockchain technology

Make use of blockchain technology to bring cost optimization, stable growth, and transaction visibility to your supply chain business.

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