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Yalantis PM School

Monday, 23 November 2020| 19:30 EET

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During the course, you’ll improve management skills and gain relevant experience from certified Yalantis project managers. We will support the theory with practical tasks, share real experience, successful cases and fails to immediately learn from mistakes. To ensure you get sustainable knowledge, you will have a number of lectures, home assignments, and a set of communication sessions with Yalantis specialists, recruiters, and curators via video calls.

What you learn


Main project management knowledge areas according to PMBoK


Common used and specific project management artifacts


Predictive and adaptive project approaches


Practical experience and insights from Yalantis Project Management team


Main processes in project management areas


Technical overview and career advice for a dream job

Event overview

Once you complete the course, you’ll have a chance to take the position of a project manager at Yalantis and will be able to work on real projects.


months long




classes a week


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Our top specialists will help you gain new knowledge and experience

Tetyana Gaydamaka

Project manager with 7+ years of experience, PMP

Tanya enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping young PMs find their way. She is an experienced project manager who strives to help clients build their businesses.

Maksym Subbotin

Head of Project Management Office, PMP

Max is responsible for development of our company’s project management office. He can also tell you everything about all PM certifications.

Vita Ankudinova

Project manager with 3+ years of experience, PMP

Vita has good management skills, sharp and flexible thinking, and a technical background.

Lara Vadkovska

Project manager with 3+ years of experience, PMP

Will tell you anything you want to know about project management and running development projects with one or multiple teams on real projects.

Maryna Holubytska

Recruiter with 5+ years of experience

She will supply you with the career advice and tell you what skills and knowledge it takes to find a good job that you will enjoy for years to come.

Registration is now closed