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Yalantis Golang School

Thursday, 3 December 2020| 19:30 EET

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We only teach what we use ourselves. And during the course, you’ll emerge into the Go development process and get an in-depth understanding of the programming language and related tech stack. To ensure you get sustainable knowledge, you will have a number of lectures, home assignments, and a set of communication sessions with Yalantis project managers, recruiters, and curators via video calls.

What you learn


Introduction to the language, functions, OOP, methods, and interfaces


Packages and Go toolset, testing, and debugging


Goroutines and channels, engaging with the `http` package


Reflection and database interfaces, software architecture


CI/CD, Docker, refactoring, profiling when working with Go


Project management basics and career advice for a dream job

Event overview

Once you complete the course, you’ll get to take the position of Golang developer at Yalantis and will be able to work on real Golang projects.


months long




classes a week


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Our top specialists will help you gain new knowledge and experience

Oleksander Reuta

Golang Project lead, developer

A software engineer with more than ten years of experience. Oleksander believes that every task should be approached with the most suitable tool.

Sergii Kshenskyi

Golang developer with 3+ years experience

Has completed a number of projects among which are an analytics tool that records the complete visitor sessions, and an app that locates and analyzes online postings, mentions and photos.

Yevhen Radionov

Golang developer with 3+ years experience

Yevhen is an experienced Golang developer who has a thing for extraordinary and challenging tasks.

Yevhen Kostrika

Golang developer with 3+ years experience

Can tell you everything about OOP, methods, and interfaces, testing and debugging, and the HTTP package.

Tetyana Gaydamaka

Project manager with 7+ years of experience

Will tell you anything you want to know about project management, business analysis, and running development projects with one or multiple teams on real projects.

Maryna Holubytska

Recruiter with 5+ years of experience

She will supply you the career advice and tell you what skills and knowledge it takes to find a good job that you will enjoy for years to come.

Registration is now closed